PINE BOOK Co.,Ltd. is a brand that plans and sells 100% of its design stationery products under the motto of "pleasure" and "cuteness" not found elsewhere. These products are not only cute but also practical. Also, it has a wide range of choices, starting with masking tapes and stickers that you can use to decorate your diary. Please continue to love PINE BOOK Co.,Ltd. products that will make useful products for your life.

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Masking Art Shiba Face Seal


It's a masking art series, a sticker made of masking material that can be attached and removed freely. It's a decoration sticker full of cute Shiba Inu faces, and you can attach it to various places such as notebooks, props, storage containers, and transparent umbrellas. It's also very useful for the interior. It's made of masking tape, so it comes off easily.

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Free Diary Masking Tape


This is a masking tape set that you can make your own diary with. It consists of two types of masking tape, the date and day of the week, so you can attach it to a wireless note on the market to create a calendar, Monthly, Daily, and Weekly. There is a dotted line every 10mm, so you can cut it neatly with your hands. Month stickers and point stickers are also included!

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