With various popular animated characters and themes, Japan has found ways to incorporate its love for furry friends into pillow and cushion designs. That’s right—you no longer have to settle for a boring, square pillow. Instead, you can choose from a wide variety of cute, plushy, and versatile pillows and cushions. Here are some of our favorites.

Dokinchan Huggy Pillow

  Designed after the well-known children’s cartoon character, Dokin Chan, this is a perfect pillow for children to cuddle up with at night. Dokin Chan is a character in the popular t.v. series, Anpanman, who has become an adored character by children and adults alike. To make the pillow safe and hygienic for children, the design doesn’t include any metal fittings and is made from a machine-washable fabric. At a size of 42 cm by 22 cm, this pillow is a great fluffy companion for any Dokin Chan fans. This pillow is made in China and lined with polyester and stuffed with 100% cotton.

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Okaeri Sonoda-Kun Plush Pillow

  This pillow is for anyone who loves to snuggle with a pet at the end of a long day but doesn’t want all the responsibilities of having an animal (not to mention all the pet hair!). Okaeri Sonoda-Kun is your new best friend—a cuddly and cozy pillow designed to look like an adorable pet. There are many different ways to use Okeari Sonoda-Kun; you can cuddle it length-wise, rest your head along its body as a traditional pillow, or feel its comfort alongside your body. This pillow comes in a variety of different cat designs and colors: ivory, ivory/black, beige, black, gray, white/black, dark gray, red, and black. Okaeri’s body is made of a soft coral meyer and polyester material, perfect for snuggles!

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Bear Pillow Cushion

  The bear pillow is another wonderful animal-inspired cushion to cuddle with on a Sunday afternoon. This fluffy pillow has a round, cylindrical design, making it perfect for use as a body-length pillow or a wider headrest for two people. At a length of 33cm, this pillow can be used to wrap your body around whenever you need a comforting presence. The width of 19 cm and depth of 14 cm gives this pillow a plush thickness. The cute ears, paws, tails, and legs add an adorable bear-like detail that makes you feel like you have a snuggly pet to hang out with!

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Natural Latex Plush Pillow/Cushion

  This one-of-a-kind pillow is not only cute and animal-shaped but is an environmentally friendly and hygienic cushion for animal lovers everywhere. To protect the health and safety of our customers, this pillow is made from a 100% natural latex material and is regularly evaluated by the German Environmental Assessment Institute for adherence to health standards. Its environmental and breathable material is ideal for blood circulation and generates minimal dust or mites, making it a safe and allergenic pillow for children. Within the material, germanium is used as an antibacterial deodorant. When tied up, the dog-inspired pillow can be used as a cushion; when untied, it becomes a rectangular pillow. Made in Japan, this is the perfect pillow for your little ones to enjoy!

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Huggy Pillow

  This huggy animal pillow comes in six different variations to provide you with an animal companion that is always there for you whenever you need it. Its body size is long, making it a fun alternative to a body-length pillow. The body, made from 93% polyester and 7% polyurethane, consists of a soft and plush fabric that you won’t be able to stay away from. Our huggy pillow comes in six different animals, each with varying lengths: sloth at 78 cm, the gorilla at 78 cm, Shiba dog at 78 cm, cat at 75 cm, and panda at 73 cm. Choose your favorite animal and start cuddling!

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