The company name "Green Flash" is a natural phenomenon in which the sky glows green at the moment the sun rises or sets. There is a legend in the southern island country of Japan that green flash delivers happiness to people who see it. As the legend, Green Flash is a brand that makes new items every day to give happiness to customers.

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1. Study Holic

STUDY HOLIC, stimulating your intellectual curiosity

STUDY HOLIC is a brand that inspires your intellectual curiosity and gives you the thrill of knowing the unknown world with the motif of "learning."

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Planetary Science Letter Set

It's a letter set of planetary science that allows you to look into a planet and learn from it through a hole of it.

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Dinosaurology Notebook


You can get a simple knowledge of dinosaurology by opening the cover! You can fold the cover and use it as a bookmark.

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2. Animal Series

A brand that can also be called the origin of Green Flash original item.

A simple and stylish design that expresses the loveliness and joy of animals. The sweetness of the inner papers gives you "excitement."

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Hedgehog Coin Purse Pouch


It's the size of a palm, and it fits in a small bag. It's designed with very cute animal friends! It is expressed in double-sided embroidery.

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Sloth Memo Pad


It is a cute animal pattern memo pad. The cover is a clear type of light PCV material with embossed printing cute sloth. It contains four types of inner papers. In the series, there are also many other animal prints available, so you can find your favorite animal memo pad!

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3. GaRaPaGo Socks

"Excitement" that accompanies one's feet

This is Green Flash's sock brand, which has many kinds of patterns and evolved Galapagos Islands creatures with unique ecosystems. Green Flash, which has been producing stationery products under a variety of themes. Its real worth is a stylish design that introduces a sense of "excitement" or "wit". Socks series of various colors, rich individuality, and unique patterns with originality can be produced as a stationery brand. Like choosing stationery products, we should choose socks enjoying various patterns.

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Herb Series


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