The new year of 2021 has come, and it has already passed one third of February. One of my new year's wishes is to write a diary this year steadily. As decorating my diary, I got to be interested in various stationery brands in Japan. I hope to introduce more various stationery products this year.

In a sense, I’d like to introduce some stationery items this time: new products from LIHIT LAB.! LIHIT LAB. has long been loved by a lot of buyers all over the world for its cute design, practical function, and high quality. I love PuniLabo series of cute animal designs personally, so I was so excited when I heard that new animals had been added to the existing lineup!

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PuniLabo Series

PuniLabo is a soft silicone-based item series based on a lovely animal. It is a series of functional products that show the flexibility of silicon, such as a standing pencil case or a pouch that you can grip in one hand. It looks cute and feels soft, so it can be a good healing item for those who are tired of their daily lives. If you put it in a busy office, it becomes a warm place that makes you feel warm.

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SMART PuniLabo Pen Holder

These are cute animal pen stand friends lying on the desk. It is made of silicon, so even if the tip of the pen touches the pen stand, the tip of the pen is not to be damaged. There is a magnet at the bottom, so you can easily fix it. The size of the pen you can put is 7~12mm in diameter. (You may not be able to use it depending on the shape of the pen.)

※Size: 27 x 35 x 46mm

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SMART PuniLabo Card Holder

It's a cardholder with a soft silicone cover. There is a slit pocket on the backside that you can put some memos. You can use it in 2 ways: with a necklace and with a clip. The line up includes popular characters Shiba, black cat, tricolor cat, and new characters such as seals, chicks, and pugs! I think it would be good to use the transportation card or ID card that you use often.

※Size: 90 x 105 x 6mm

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SMART PuniLabo Stick Scissor

It's a stick-type scissors that is portable. Not only is it easy to use because it's a silicone rubber grip that fits perfectly with your hands, but it also has a string attached to the top, so you can install a hook where you use it often and hang it. It's a compact size to carry in a pencil case.

※Size: 16 x 144 x 16 mm

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SMART PuniLabo Washi Tape Utility Knife

With this item, masking tape is now easy to be cut by just pressing the edge of the knife slightly. There is a magnet attached to the backside, so you can attach it to the front door or refrigerator. It's convenient to carry around thanks to its compact size.

※Size: 16 x 144 x 16 mm

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