The most annoying thing in summer is to find ways to fight ultraviolet light every day. Although many people want to change their skin color to wheat color, but in recent years more and more manufacturers have introduced a whitening products. Not only because many people like the skin of white color, but also the main reason is more and more people understand the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin. Ultraviolet rays are not only the cause of freckles, it will also make your skin faster aging, and even cause skin cancer.

Today I would like to introduce excellent Japanese sunscreen supplies. Make your skin invulnerable.


Speaking of sunscreen, many people will ask, "Last year's sunscreen is still available this year?" I have worked in a Japanese drug store for many years. So I can tell you clearly, it is best not to use again! Even unopened sunscreen may deteriorate as a result of storage environment and room temperature. If the product has already appeared discoloration or separation state can no longer use!  In addition, if the sunscreen was used last year, it would breed bacteria because of the exposure to air and skin.
Besides, do you think you can rest assured when you rub sunscreen before you go out in the morning? Of course not! Sunscreen effect can be due to sweating or sebum, friction and other reasons and weakened, so want to get the expected sunscreen effect, you need every 2-3 hours to wipe again!

KOSE CosmePort Sun Cut Protection Essence SPF50+ PA++++

By Harima-Kyowa Co., LTD. The product has the largest UV SPF to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, its ingredients are rich in hyaluronic acid extract, which can supplement the lost water in summer. Use a general cleansing product to easily remove it. In summer, you can also use it as a make-up base.


Dariya Hiyocoat Sun protection Milk SPF35 PA+++

By Harima-Kyowa Co., LTD. The shape of this product is very lovely, isn't it? The bottle body is designed as a single hand can be pressed, so that parents can easily help the baby smear. This product is made with no addition, low stimulating ingredients, so that the skin sensitive baby can also be assured to use.



Hair Sunscreen

In addition to skin, hair also needs to be sunscreen. After the hair exposure to ultraviolet rays, easy to become dry, faded, lost luster. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation, more likely to lead to loss of nutrients in the scalp, affecting the normal germinal function. Therefore, hair and skin are the most important sunscreen area. We recommend you to use the Sunscreen function hat! Yes, hats can be used not only for matching clothing, but also for protecting hair from ultraviolet light.

UV Cut Cap

By New Japan Functional Foods Co., Ltd. This sunscreen cap will help you effectively block over 99% of the UV rays. The brim is about 12 centimeters, allowing hair and facial skin to be protected from ultraviolet rays.
What? This hat is made of coolmax material, so it can make you feel immediately reduced by 4℃.


Lucido-L Argan Rich Oil Hair Treatment

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By Harima-Kyowa Co., LTD. In addition to wearing a hat, you can also choose to have anti-UV function of hair cream to carry out sunscreen. This product has a defense against ultraviolet radiation, can effectively intercept ultraviolet rays, making hair more supple and healthy.


All Weather Umbrella

The parasol is a product that must not be missing in summer. However, some umbrellas can only be sun-proof, not for rainy days. So people feel very disappointed. Japanese all weather umbrella to solve this problem for you. They have many different styles, very fashionable. Let's browse the merchandise picture together! I don't think I need any explanation!


Organic Gauze UV Cut Blanket

By NISHIZAKI. When you go out in the summer, adults can take umbrellas by self, but what about the baby? Hold an umbrella on the stroller? The Japanese sun-proof gauze blanket can block more than 99% of ultraviolet light. Whether you go out or at home, just put it on the baby is all done! Mom won't be in a hurry! Japanese all weather umbrella to solve this problem for you.


UV Cut Arm Cover

By ALPHAX Co., Ltd. Do you have any experience like this? Because it takes a long time to drive, the skin of the arm becomes very dark. And the left arm is much darker than the right. (Due to driver position on the left. By the way, the Japanese driver's position is on the right. )
Next I will recommend the product may make you feel less fashionable. But health is the most important thing. I think this product is really a very good invention. In addition to having sunscreen effect, can also reduce the arm temperature. Because it uses a special material, it can keep your arm in a comfortable state.



The thing that a woman will never stop in her life is to whiten and lose weight. Although you may think, “Why do you have to make life so tired? I don’t lose weight. And I don’t whiten. I can still live a wonderful life!”
I can't agree with you anymore. But health must be something everyone wants to maintain. So, please continue to fight with ultraviolet light! In addition to these products, there are sunglasses, sunscreen clothing, and sunscreen socks and so on. Now, go to SUPER DELIVERY and check out what Japanese sunscreen products you need.



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