Ever since Marie Kondo and her organizing methods entered the mainstream, people started seeing storage boxes in a new light. Having lots of little objects on surfaces collects dust and makes cleaning a hassle. With unique and useful boxes, you can easily store away all the little things that cause you stress. These four, premium quality storage boxes will help you keep your home inviting.

1. White Storage Box with Handle

  These white storage boxes have a simple and clean design, making them versatile for any space or room in the home. They easily provide your washroom, laundry room, spa, or closet with an aesthetic organization. Measuring 36cm by 26cm with a depth of 16cm, these are perfect for storing clothing, towels, or linens. With a smooth surface that makes them easy to clean, these could also work as an excellent toy storage.
  The sturdy, structured material is ideal for storing several other items, such as kitchen tools, magazines or as an additional shoe storage.

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2. Large Sealable Storage Boxes

  These unique storage boxes are perfect for storing extra clothing, linen, or sports equipment under the bed or in your storage unit. With a zipper and waterproof exterior fabric, these boxes will keep your fabrics dust- and water-free. Their sturdy design makes them easy to stack, and their neutral colour allows them to double as furniture—stack two on top of each other, and you’ve got an end table! Each box even comes with a clear pouch for labelling the contents.
  These are great for students or anyone else living in a small apartment who wants to make the most of their space.

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3. Fabric Under Bed Storage

  Use these fabric-lined boxes to store your winter clothes or your extra linens under the bed. With a cotton blend exterior, these provide a warm and welcoming aesthetic to any bedroom. Each box comes with a handle on each side for easier access. The boxes are also very easy to fold up and store. Measuring 59cm by 39cm, with an 18cm depth, these are big enough to store guest sheets or bulky winter sweaters you don’t use in the summer. Your closet will thank you for taking the load off!

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4. Multifunctional Seat Storage Box

  This multifunctional storage box doubles as an ottoman. It has a comfortable cushioned surface to sit on while you put on and remove your shoes. It is also a practical storage option to keep your front entrance and foyer space organized. Under the seat, you can efficiently store your slippers, sandals, and shoe accessories. At 30 x 30 cm, with a 34.5 cm height, this is the perfect little piece of furniture to store in the corner of your entrance. The sturdy base is coated with foam and lined with a soft fabric for your sitting comfort. You can also use this as a footrest in your living room or as an extra seat during large gatherings.

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  Everyone loves to get organized and keep their space free of unnecessary clutter. From simple plastic units to foldable, under-the-bed, and multifunctional seat boxes, we have a storage box for everyone. Sign up to become a member of SUPER DELIVERY and receive access to our library of storage boxes and other unique Japanese items. Impress your clients with SUPER DELIVERY’s useful storage boxes today!

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