KITERASHOUJI,Inc. is both a wholesaler and manufacturer of stationery products. Founded in 1902, the company has a long history. Based on a variety of know-how cultivated over a long period of time, it has developed original products and collaborated with various manufacturers to offer a wide range of special products that are easy to pick up.

Among the products filled with many ideas, please try to pick up the stationery that is perfect for you.

Original Glass pen

This cost-effective glass pen is recommended for those who want to use a glass pen for the first time. Compared to fountain pens, it is easy to clean and enjoy a variety of inks, and its transparent visuals and beautiful patterns are also attractive. It also includes a water-resistant file, so you can adjust the nib to create your own unique writing experience.

Mini School Bag Key Ring Made in Japan

The school bags that everyone used when they were children in Japan have become key rings. It is small enough to hold about five coins, but because it is made of genuine leather, it is strong and solid. It can be used as a coin purse for spending money, so it may be just the right gift for your child!

Mahora Notebook B5 Made in Japan

This is a notebook designed exclusively for Mahora with heartwarming illustrations by picture book author YOSSAN. The notebook is "easy on the eyes" because it is designed based on the voices of people with developmental disabilities and uses paper that is less reflective than white paper.

There also has a pay-forward project: for every notebook purchased, two Mahora notebooks are donated to two people, mainly those with developmental disabilities. You can support society with just one notebook!


If you want to find stationery that you haven't seen much of, there are some interesting products filled with ideas here.

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