Did you know that SUPER DELIVERY has a variety of special events every month? Some events focus on a specific theme and introduce popular products, and others introduce products of specific companies and also conduct sales during events' period. Today, I'd like to share with you what kind of events are being offered at SUPER DELIVERY, as well as the upcoming events in August.

MD's Pick

  This is an event that has been running since January of 2020, and one popular vendor will be focused on each time. In SUPER DELIVERY, there are people called merchandisers who are in charge of each country in order to deliver as many wonderful products as possible to customers. The name "MD's Pick" comes from the fact that these merchandisers select the most popular vendors from among the many vendors on SUPER DELIVERY and deliver their products to you. The vendors selected for MD's Pick are those that have great products and we are confident that you will be pleased with their products. The MD's Pick event runs for two weeks, with the first week being an announcement period and the second week being a limited-time sale period. This is a great chance to buy products from popular vendors at a discount, so please participate!
  We'll be posting announcements on Facebook and LinkedIn when MD's Pick is held, so be sure to follow us to make sure you don't miss it!

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Theme Features

  "Theme Features" are another popular contents that have been running for a long time. Two or three times a month, we introduce a list of products that match the season or trend. For example, you can find items related to the traditional Japanese cherry blossoms in the spring, ocean-themed items in the summer, and Halloween-related items during the Halloween season. When each theme is featured, a banner will appear on the top page of SUPER DELIVERY, so please check the website from time to time to see if there is a theme featured caught your attention.

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Monthly Expo

  MD's Picks are vendor-focused events, and Theme Features are contents that focus on each theme. Then there is the "Monthly Expo", a large-scale project focusing on a specific genre. This is a very popular event among SUPER DELIVERY registered members from all over the world, as each time the MD introduces a different genre of products and several popular vendors in each genre offer discounts. In the first edition, we introduced "Japanese Stationery" and in the second edition, we introduced "Kitchen Items", two of the most popular genres in SUPER DELIVERY. Please look forward to the next edition to see which genres are spotted.

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Premium SD's Week

  Premium SD's Week is one of SUPER DELIVERY's largest special events held irregularly. Popular vendors from various genres gather to hold sales. In addition, there is a day called "Premium Day" during the event period where you can earn points by purchasing products from the participating vendors on that day. During Premium SD's Week, many customers from around the world will be purchasing products, so be careful not to miss out!

Events to be held in August

Aug.3rd~: Theme Features
Cooling Products

Aug.10th~: Theme Features
Items for your pets

Aug.17th~: Premium SD's Week
Discount Period: Aug.24th - Aug.31th

Aug.24th~: Features
Coffee Goods

Aug.31th: MD's Pick
Discount Period: Sep.7th - Sep.14th


  In this article, I introduced the main features and events, but there are also many other events on SUPER DELIVERY such as Live Commerce, BIG SALE, and campaigns. There is always something going on, so why not sign up for a free membership and join in the party?


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