One of the most significant special events, Premium SD's Week, is coming! This time, We have a great activities not only for SUPER DELIVERY's International account users but also for Japanese version SUPER DELIVERY customers.
The event period will be from 2021/8/24 10 AM to 2021/8/31 10 AM (Japan Time). There will be a special activities waiting for you from the very first day, so don't miss this opportunity to participate in Premium SD's Week!

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* For more information on the differences between the SUPER DELIVERY International version and the Japanese version, please click here.

Special Activities - 1

All products from six popular SUPER DELIVERY vendors will be discounted by up to 50% for one week only.


Among them are famous brands such as YOSHIKAWA, KAIJIRUSHI, and Tamahashi. In addition, there are many anime character products, so you can buy all you want at once with YAGIHASHI CO., LTD.

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SHISEIHANBAI is a manufacturer that designs and produces original products focusing on food, clothing, and living. Products are made mainly from natural materials and are mostly handmade. Using the skills of artisans, the company offers products in a simple and modern style to suit the situations in which they are used in daily life.

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Bou Jeloud UP TO 30% OFF

The brands handled are Bou Jeloud, Bab, and Mysa & Liina. Bou Jeloud targets women in their late twenties to forties, with designs that bring out the charm of adults, while Bab is a brand that focuses on unique and fashionable designs. Mysa&Liina means comfortable clothes and offers kawaii garments that are popular among girls.

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BGM INC. sells stationery and miscellaneous goods that are full of creativity. Designs are creative, and we create products that consistently meet the needs of girls. The designs are so diverse that you'll never get bored just looking at the products!

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Harima-Kyowa Co., LTD 5% OFF

All the popular cosmetics and daily necessities you want are here!

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ALPHA offers a wide range of products from high-end stationery, Anime goods, accessories to clothing. This time, character goods such as the popular Doraemon, Sumikko gurashi, Minions, and Totoro are also within the scope of the limited-time discount!
* American members cannot purchase ALPHA's items due to corporate reasons.

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Special Activities - 2

You can earn 3000 points (equivalent to JPY 3000) during Premium Day when you fulfill the following conditions at SUPER DELIVERY International.

① order JPY 100,000 or more (products price only)
② your order includes any one or more products from 6 vendors

Premium Day:
2021/8/24 10am-8/25 10am(Japan Time)

*This activity is only available for International version members
*Points will be awarded from 8/26

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Special Activities - 3

If you use the following four recommended partner forwarding service companies during the discount period, you will receive special offers from each company.

Around The World / International shipping fee 10% OFF

Mainly for the United States and the United Kingdom. Free consolidation, handling fee from JPY 200, 24-hour security warehouse, EMS/SAL/AIR, and other methods of sending goods. In order to solve the problem of no Japanese credit card, they also have an agent to place orders instead!

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楽一番 / 1000 Points (equivalent to JPY 1000)

Mainly for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Taiwan is equipped with a fast delivery plan. After receiving the goods, there is no need to do a pre-report. They will be automatically put into the inventory and shipped out on the same day at the earliest. Five boxes or less will be packed for free, and the handling fee is JPY 200 regardless of the weight. You can choose EMS/SAL/AIR/SHIP/DHL/BC bonded direct mail and other methods.

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JPGOODBUY / 1000 Points (equivalent to JPY 1000)

Mainly for China, Taiwan. 5 boxes or less free of charge to combine packing. With a tax package customs clearance plan, do not worry about customs fees! In addition, 90 days free storage, the same day the goods can be sent immediately and other services. To solve the problem of overseas users not paying on the Japanese website, they offer users making payments on delivery. Furthermore, you can choose EMS/SAL/AIR/SHIP/PPS package tax and customs clearance/Self-operated AIR and other methods.


SHIPBAO / 880 Points (equivalent to HKD 88)

Mainly for Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and China. Free delivery for heavy goods over 20 pounds to industrial and commercial areas! You can choose AIR/FexEx/UPS/TNT/DHL/China Express/overseas direct mail, etc.


*This activity is available for SUPER DELIVERY Japanese version members

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Premium SD's Week is a week-long event with a lot of activities. Don't miss this opportunity, you'll regret it! Please sign up for SUPER DELIVERY and join us for Premium SD's Week!


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