Every month, SUPER DELIVERY holds a discount event called "MD's Pick" where we pick up a company, focus on its items, and conduct discounts.
The company of the month for October 2021 is "TORUNE".

TORUNE manufactures small items for bento boxes, kitchen goods, lunch bags, and eco-bags.
We offer a wide range of products, from the latest goods for "Charaben," bento boxes decorated with characters, to "Decoben," which are bento boxes decorated with the colors and shapes of individual ingredients. We also manufacture various miscellaneous goods related to bento, such as traditional accessories, partitions, and picks essential for dividing side dishes and sauce bottles that are convenient for carrying small amounts of liquid. In addition, we also offer a wide variety of household goods such as plastic bottle covers, lunch bags, shopping bags, eco-bags, etc.
Through Super Delivery, we hope to make as many people as possible aware of the Japanese bento culture and provide products that make bento time enjoyable.

<TORUNE Special Discount Event>

◆Period: 2021/9/28 10am ~ 2021/10/5 10am (GMT+9, Japan Time Zone)
◆Detail: Some items are  10% OFF

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Category 1: Holders/Cups

Featured Product: Mini Condiment Cup Dot Border

This convenient mini cup can be used as a bento item to contain furikake, mayonnaise, and other bento seasonings, as well as a small stuff container. The pop colors are cute and stylish, making lunchtime even more enjoyable. The color and pattern also make it easy to identify the contents.

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Category 2: Molds

Featured Product: Plain Bread Mold Animal Toy

Plain Bread Mold Animal Toy is an animal bread mold. Just place ingredients such as lettuce or ham between two pieces of bread and press with the mold to complete. You can easily make a small animal sandwich just by pressing. It is a perfect product for picnics and holidays.

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Category 3: Picks

Featured Product 1: Medama Picks 2

These eyeball-shaped picks transform meatballs, fried eggs, cherry tomatoes, and other ordinary side dishes into expressive characters just by sticking them in. By changing the combination of the eyeballs, you can increase the variety of expressions. Just by sticking them into various side dishes, your bento becomes cute and fun.

Featured Product 2: Hataraku Norimono Pick 2

You can quickly turn your bento into a deco bento by simply sticking various types of vehicle picks. You can use them not only for bento but also for fruits. It is also great for use at home parties. The non-slip surface prevents side dishes from sliding off.

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Are you interested in TORUNE's items now? This discount event is for only one week! (2021/9/28 10am- 2021/10/5 10am, GMT+9)
Other than the products above, there are many items from TORUNE will be discounted 10% OFF! Don't miss the special chance!

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