Hello everyone. Last week I visited the store of supplier SANYO HIGH-CLEANER CO., Ltd in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo.
SANYO HIGH-CLEANER CO., Ltd is a manufacturer selling denim grocery. I just felt the charm of the product as soon as I came in! Why? Let's look at a picture first.

Is this shop cool? Don’t miss the following detailed description below.


SANYO HIGH-CLEANER CO., Ltd is a company that has been engaged in denim processing since 1996. They launched their own brands in 2012. The main products are stationary,  hats, apron, backpacks, furniture, pet products and other products you need in daily life. All their products are original design and made in Japan(Okayama Prefecture).
At present, its brand has ARAIYAN, LOLOLAVO, MASTRO. They develop products for people of all ages to convey the best of jeans.

"Denim = Trousers?" Their denim products will make your stereotype disappear completely!

No designer?

Mr. Hiramatsu: We don't have any designer!
---I was stunned, so who designed the goods?( ゚Д゚)
Mr. Hiramatsu: All the products are designed by our employees. In this way, both the cost savings and the design of the common people really need and easy to use products. So we set a lower commodity price. The goal is to allow more people to use our products, feel the charm of denim.

---So, no matter what position the employee can participate in development design? Not all employees have good drawing skills, right?  How do you communicate it to the factory?
Mr. Hiramatsu: We communicate our ideas to the factories we own. The young people in the factory made the goods come out and let everyone decide. Many young people in Japan are pursuing "Yarigai (やりがい) ". It means that the purpose of work is to do what you want to do and what you like to do. We have provided one such platform for everyone. Let young people design what they want, and promise that good works can be made into goods.

Music and Denim

---Why Choose Shimokitazawa as the location of the store? (Shimokitazawa is small but popular among young people. There are many fashion shops, second-hand clothes shops and commodity shops on the street. It is a good place for walking and shopping. There are elegant cafes and bars, and many old shops such as Japanese pubs and public canteens.)

Mr. Hiramatsu: Shimokitazawa is not the best choice, but it is the second choice. There will be a lot of young people coming, the whole street style and denim charm are a very good match. Although this is the second floor but the shop is bigger. In addition to the sale of goods can also hold a number of special events. Now, we often hold concerts in the shop. It can promote the brand and enable other shopkeepers and residents of Shimokitazawa to take this opportunity to communicate.

Music + Denim + Shop Environment” It's really awesome, isn't it?

Customer base and Popular items

Mr. Hiramatsu: Because the number of young people who come to Shimokitazawa is more than 20 years old, so the main customer base is young people. However, the Okayama store's customer base is quite wide.

---Any foreign clients?
Mr. Hiramatsu: Yes. More and more foreign customers in recent years. Especially the Asian guests. Some guests will come to buy them regularly, and they will buy a lot every time. Do they come for wholesale? (^^♪ Our products are made in Japan, so it is very attractive to foreign customers.
---Do they buy the same goods as Japanese customers?

Mr. Hiramatsu: Yes. But some foreign customers will also buy products containing traditional Japanese culture, such as “Tabi (Traditional Japanese socks)”.
---What is the price of the product?
Mr. Hiramatsu: From 1,000 yen to tens of thousands of yen (normal price, not wholesale price). Because we also sell furniture, so the price difference is big.
---What are the most popular products?

Mr. Hiramatsu: Because the original intention of our product design is very close to life, so all products are very popular. If I have to choose one, it would be the pencil case. The price is cheap, practical and there are many kinds of colors. Each color has its own charm, this is the charm of denim.

Any products other than denim?

Mr. Hiramatsu: There are leather, canvas products. Our leather products are also very distinctive. Because we will wash it once and then sell it.
---Wash? I remember leather products are not washable.

Mr. Hiramatsu: Our products are specially processed, so they can be washed. After washing, there is not so much leather flavor, and the color will become very soft. This will become seamless with denim.

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Store Information:
it's a Beautiful day (tokyo)
Crystal-besuru Bld.2EF, Kitazawa 2-34-3, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 155-0031, Japan


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