Hello. This is Mami. Today, we are going to talk about the high quality Japanese fabrics you can wear for long periods.

Japanese fabrics are good because it lets the wearer relax and it can be worn for long periods. There are many processes involved in the sewing and places that is difficult to see, but the good points can be recognized after some time has passed.

When it comes to fabric, Okayama

In Okayama Prefecture, where the spinning industry has flourished since long ago, the denim and canvas productions are very famous. They have the know-hows to produce safe products, and they give detailed considerations to make durable products.

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Representative of canvas, FUJIKINBAI

FUJIKINBAI is the brand which has a long history to manufacture the fabric. They have worked with spinning, weaving, and processing in Japan since 1948, and offered stable material and quality.
The cotton canvas made from carefully selected cotton from around the world excels in color and durability, and the special paraffin processing makes it waterproof.


Rare Traditional Technology

There are rare production methods passed down from long ago in Japan. One of them is the loopwheel knitting machine in Wakayama that can only knit 12-13 T-shirts a day, currently in use by the company TAKASO.
By slowly knitting the fabric together with air, they create outstanding elasticity and texture as well as giving it a vintage feel, earning them a high evaluation.

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Recommended Vendor Dealing Okayama Products

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What do you think about Japanese fabrics? If you would like to focus on the durability and high quality including bags and the jeans, we firstly would recommend the fabrics made in Okayama.

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