At SUPER DELIVERY, we have over 1,500 vendors who work hard every day to bring you the best products. Various brand stories are born in these efforts, resulting in beautiful products that bring happiness to everyone. Today, I would like to focus on bloom co.,ltd. one of the most popular vendors at SUPER DELIVERY. bloom co.,ltd. was recently featured in the MD's Pick, and their products were welcomed by many customers worldwide. They offer authentic MINO ware, one of the most famous ceramics in Japan, at low prices. This time, I interviewed a representative of bloom co.,ltd. about their products and stories.

Please give us an overview of your company and the products you offer.

For many years, we have been planning, developing, and selling original "Made in Japan MINO Ware" in Toki-City, Gifu Prefecture, one of the leading production areas of ceramics. In recent years, we have introduced Japanese cultural goods to the world. Under such circumstances, we are happy to see that we are receiving more and more purchases from overseas. To satisfy more overseas customers, we are working with them to plan new products. We are also cooperating with the staff of the kiln to provide better quality products, and we are continuing to produce products with a focus on high quality.

What is the most recommended product of your company now?

I highly recommend the Some-Nishiki Ko-Imari series. Nishiki patterns and color schemes have an image of luxury and have been used as traditional Japanese tableware for a long time. However, there was a time when it was unpopular because of its old-fashioned image and the fact that it was limited to being used in the Japanese New Year season. Recently, however, people overseas have begun to pay more attention to Japanese tableware; as a result, it is now a trendy item due to its beautiful design. We, now, export our products to Asia, Europe, North America, and many other countries. In particular, small plates and small dishes that can be used compactly are popular as tableware for daily use and as collectible items.

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Please tell us the story behind the development of the product.

We have been designing and planning such a series for decades. And we have encountered many problems and failures during the development and production stages. For example, sometimes, we had to redraw the design many times to get the right shape. Also, since it is pottery, the color and glossiness of the product, when it is fired, is different from what we imagined, and we often had to go through many trial and error procedures. However, despite all the hardships, the moment I am happy is when customers like the products that we have created after spending a lot of time.

What is the best way to use this product?

As the phrase, "Ichijiu Sansai" describes the primary way of serving the Japanese diet, tableware such as bowls, soup bowls, and plates have various shapes depending on "what to put in them?" In such a situation, the popular small plates of the Some-Nishiki Ko-Imari series are basic in form. Therefore, they can be used freely in various dining situations in Japan and overseas. They can also be stacked and stored compactly, so you don't have to worry about having too many of them for different purposes. In addition, the Somenishiki design gives a sense of traditional Japanese beauty, so it is sure to be appreciated not only for actual use but also as a gift.

Finally, do you have a message for the readers?

Japanese food and Japanese tableware have always been an inseparable part of our culture, but the food culture continues to change with the times. At bloom co.,ltd., we will continue to develop tableware suitable for modern life. We can be enjoyed by people worldwide while sticking to the traditional Japanese design that has been around since ancient times. In addition to the products introduced this time, we also have various other items. So please continue to see our products at SUPER DELIVERY.

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