Do you know people called #delistagrammer even in Japan?

"#delistagrammer" is the people who have many followers by posting pictures specific to food and cuisine on SNS such as Instagram.
The origin of the name is a word coined with the word combined “Delicatessen”, “Delicious” and “Instagram Glammer”.


"#delistagrammer" is various persons, not professional: Learners of cooking by self-education, housewives who love cooking, male company workers who are assigned to work alone, fathers who are struggling to raise children. Among them, there are the people who published books that summed up the images they posted on, and developed recipes. The presence of delistagrammer has created a trend of food and it is also becoming the role-model.

Everyone Can Become A Delistagrammer!

To be a delistagrammer, the special qualifications and skills are not required. Everyone can become a delistagrammer if you know a little shoot and the tips on arranging.

When shooting:

1, Use natural light
2, Inspire imagination by not shoot the entire dish.
3, Arrange used foodstuffs around the object.
4, Adopt a green yellow red and so on.
5, Place lunch mat or cutleries.

You can try easily if you are more conscious.

Introduction of Photogenic Plates

After you learn how to shoot, the next important point is how to choose plates. The notable distinguished delistaglammers are also particular about that. So I will introduce the photogenic plates delistagrammer love to use.

Mug Cup

It is a stone pattern mug which matches shooting outdoors for picnics and camping in warm season.


Cutting Board

Originally, if delistagrammers use a cutting board as a cooking tool is also used, it becomes a very photogenic dish.

>Cutting board

chiyuさん(@tiizatea)がシェアした投稿 -

Glass Jar

Originally, if delistagrammers use a cutting board as a cooking tool is also used, it becomes a very photogenic dish.


Iron pot / pan

The pictures using iron pan are suitable tools for directing fresh feeling. It is often used for pancakes and meat dishes.

>Iron pot

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White plate

The simple white plate is the most useful item which fits any dish. Especially, since matte white one can suppress reflection of light, it is popular among delistagrammers.

>White plate

Produced by delistagrammers

A plate brand "BREAD AND RICE" produced by a nutritionist and food specialist, Mio Hishinuma. It can be used for both Western and Japanese food everyday.


You can also become a delistagrammer!

Delistaglammer are able to make daily dishes more fun and delicious. You can also spread your new encounters the world by sharing your lovely cuisine with SNS casually.


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