Hello, it is Alyssa. What the quality of Japanese baby supply is high is known all around the world. It is designed to detail, and they can reduce the burden of mothers, and protect the health of baby.

Especially, there are too many types of baby bottles so much, and are all similar. For me who is not married yet, it was a different world. Fortunately, my friend from my home country asked me many times to purchase baby supplies, so even if I did not want to know them, I became an expert. lol

I would like to introduce the famous products of Pigeon and Richell for baby supplies this time.


Nursing Bottle


The baby bottle of Pigeon is the one with a breast milk feeling nipple which made the study of the movement of the mouth when the baby drinks breast milk. Because baby can drink with the same mouth movement as baby drink mother's milkbreast milk, it will be easier to use with mother's milkbreast milk together.

Baby bottles of Pigeon have two types.

Polyphenylsulfone type(PPSU)


PPSU is resistant to high heat (up to 180 degree) and the shock. It is hard to break even if you drop it lightly, so it is recommended when you go out and when your baby takes it by themselves. In addition, there are also types with cute patterns, so you can choose according to your preference.

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Glass Type


Glass breast milk bottle is hard to deteriorate, it is easy to cool because heat is easy to escape. Also, dirt easily falls, you can keep it clean. It is recommended for newborns.

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5 Kinds Nipples


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Depending on the growth of the baby, Pigeon baby bottle nipples have 5 sizes. There are size such as SS of round hole, S and M of three cut, L , LL. If you choose a round hole for the newborn baby, there is no mistake.

After that, when your baby can get nursing more than 10 minutes one time, it would be recommended move to three cuts. Only the milk which baby needs is served, so baby can drink gently and slowly.

By the way, since it is made of silicone rubber, it would be safer to disinfect after washing thoroughly after use.

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Pigeon Freezer Pack


This product releases mommy's milking work. Mom who have to frequent five newborn babies milk seems to be hard...

Milk intensively and put it in a breast milk freezer pack and frozen, you can use it when you need it. It is also convenient while you are out. Putting breast milk into a freezer pack, you can cut out the part touched by hand, so you can keep sterilized in the pack.

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Try Searies Baby Plates Set

Babies from 4-6 months old begin to eat baby food. Richell's tableware set can be used for a long time depending the age. Moreover, it can cover microwave heating, dishwasher, various disinfection, so you can use it at ease.
This set has a baby food plate, a dish suction, a noodle cutter, a soft spoon, a spoon which baby can grasp, a fork with a case, a cooker for microwave, a baby food bowl, a baby food cup, and a mug.


Aqulea Straw Mug


This is the most popular item among Richell. It is the best choice for mama because it prevents leak, wash easily with a new bleeder valve structure .

When baby can grab mugs, it is okay to remove the handle and use as it is. This type of mug has many cute patterns, so you can choose depending your child's preference.

Also, for baby's health and safety, let's exchange straw for a new one regularly.

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What do you think about the baby goods? We hope the items I picked up would be your reference when you select out of a number of baby items.

Mothers will be excited when they select at first time? Parents tend to choose with their own thoughts, but the most important thing is baby 's feelings. If you choose them based on materials and functionality so that your baby can spend comfortably, the baby 's cute smile could surely increase.