From long time ago, inventors of the world have invented many things. We now live a convenient and easy-to-live life thanks to inventors. I cannot hold up my head to the great pioneers.

I have an image that the Japan's technological capability such as lightening and downsizing can make the usage of anything easier. I would like to introduce some inventions that can shorten cooking time this time.


1. Fulvege kiwi cutter

Kiwi contains many nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, etc. that we want to take everyday. Since this knife is included in this set, even if you do not have a kitchen knife when you go out, you can use it conveniently. Quickly, you can peel and cut kiwi at the same time.

Step 1. Cut the kiwi with the attached knife.
Step 2. Align the main body with the center of the kiwi and insert it until it hit the peel.
Step 3. Rotate the body along the peel.

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2. Fulvege Corn cutter

Have you ever wondered how the corns which are contained in the salad which are sold at convenience stores or supermarkets was cut? If you have this product, you can easily cut it!

Step 1. Hit the cutter at the tip of fresh corn.
Step 2. If you let it rotate, you can take out the grains.

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3. Fulvege Thickness control slicer

When cooking, what do you think is the most time-consuming and trouble procedure?

I think that it is cutting vegetables. Especially, when it takes time to cut thinly, your hands hurt, the procedure of it is hard, isn't it?

At this time you can solve all the problems above if you have this item. By just slide vegetables and fruits with light power, you can choose thickness along with your preference, and easily cut it.

Step 1. By adjusting the knob on the back of the slicer, choose the thickness you want to cut.

You can slice into 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm.

Step 2. Slide vegetables and fruits lightly on the slicer. The amount you want in a matter of minutes quickly, so cooking would be easy!

Don't you think that one who invented this product is a genius? It would be a big help.

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4. Fulvege Fine strips of leek cutter

There is a dish called Negi Ramen in Japan. It is a ramen with lots of green onions, along the street. In the white part of the green onion, both vitamin C has antibacterial and antifungal action, and it is said to be good for a cold because it contains many allicin which has the effect of warming the body with perspiration action.

To make such a dish, you have to slash the green onions, but if you have this Fine strips of leek cutter, you can perfect by just pulling on.

Step1: Insert the cutting edge into the green onion. Tilt the cutter and cut it while pulling it.
Step2: Change the face of green onion and cut again. It is complete after cutting all four sides with 3 changes.

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5. Fulvege apple corer

How do you handle when you would like to remove only the core of fruits as it is when you make desserts? This product easily remove the core of the fruit even if you do not put power in the blade processing.

Step 1. Align the core part with the core of the fruit.
Step 2. Insert the core part while turning it.
Step 3. Pull through the fruit and pull it out. This will pull out the core perfectly.

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What do you think about? Have you would like to use anything among them? If you use it as trials, they may become indispensable for your life. I hope that future inventions which will make your life more convenient will be born.

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