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Meow, I'm Hamaken who debuted as Otaku in "that" article.

Why are cute and cats like that so cute?

I have one daughter and two Russian Blue (parent and child), I have kept it for about 13 years. When I see a daughter playing with cats, I feel happy, I can forget even bad things.

So today, I tried choosing the cat goods that my children want to use on father's view.

Cat's Piggy Bank

cat piggy bank

There are many piggy banks in the world, but if you like cats, this product is a must-see. It is a big hit item which it cry with cute voice and take money when you put the coins on the plate, and hide them.

How about this product in your child's piggy bank?

See Cat's Piggy Bank

Pancake Ring

cat pancake

If you cook this pancake for my daughter, you could earn her trust in a moment.

See Pancake Ring

Cat Glove

cat glove

Cat's paws are an important element that you can never be removed as a cat's charm.
By attaching this glove, the cuteness of a child may be doubled.

See Cat Glove

Washi Tape

cat washi tape

Japanese Washi tape culture is outstanding in the world.
I think that this tape is first one I thought it is too precious to use it.
How about trying scrapbooking with children?

See Washi Tape

A Tunic with Cat Pouch Pattern

kid's cat tunic

There is no mistake in the combination of the child's cuteness and cats.

See This Tunic

Cat Kid's Pajama

kid's cat pajama

If my daughter is wearing such a pajamas, I cannot help smiling when I think that.

See Cat Pajama

Cat Stamp

Cat Stamp

My daughter likes to decorate the letter I wrote. I am glad if I get the end of the letter with such a stamp.

See Cat Stamps

Legless Chair

Legless Chair

Legless chair I would like to put in the children's room by all means.
You do not have to worry about children falling out of the chair.

See Legless Chair

Cat Wall Sticker

Cat Wall Sticker

I guess that this is also good for children's room. Let's fill the whole wall with the art of your favorite cat. Putting it together makes us fun. There are also many other types.

See Cat Wall Stickers

Nekoatsume Acrylic Cup

Nekoatsume Acrylic Cup

Children drop glasses during meals many times.
Since it is made of acrylic, there is no worry of cracking.
The pattern is popular app game, Neko Atsume series.

See Cat Acrylic Cup

Cat Tumbler

Cat Tumbler

This is a tumbler. Images are from pretty ECOUTE series.

See Cat Tumblers

Organic Cat Pillow

Organic Cat Pillow

It is an organic pillow for babies rather than kids.
Baby and cat pattern ... It is too cute.
Organic products are very popular for babies, and there are also other types.

See Cat Organic Goods

Wooden Cat Fork & Spoon

Wooden Cat Fork & Spoon

Here is a cutlery for baby food. I really recommend because it is made of wood and the mouth feel is also processed very smoothly.

My daughter also used this. Wood Kitchen goods are very popular and there are many kinds.

See Wooden Cat Goods


How was it? I selected only everything which really are cute items.
You are certainly looking for wonderful cat items too.

See Cat Items

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