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Hello, I’m Shiho. This time I'd like to introduce the "SD Selection" in SUPER DELIVERY.

Sales representative members of the SD Selection. From left to right is Koshimizu, Takeuchi, Osawa. They are the fashion category MD in SUPER DELIVERY.

The products in SD Selection are high quality products that Japan has not yet sold. We hope to improve the competitiveness of SUPER DELIVERY users in their peers. This service project first joined the Italian men's brand, and then increased the original Japanese factory brand, and now also increased the Italian women's brand products.

What is SD selection?

SD Selection is one of the service projects founded on the concept of high quality, connotation and Japan has not yet been sold. It provides our users with a strong competitive edge. You can do this without going out. At the same time to buy Japan, Italy's high-quality products.

Of course, the most important point is that the purchase price is exempt from the Japanese consumption tax wholesale prices. In addition, we have solved for you the import of foreign brand products in the complex import procedures, and foreign brands to discuss, payment and other issues. So for no import experience, English communication ability is not strong users, all need not worry!

The appearance of choosing branded goods in Italy. Osawa was very serious!

When choosing an imported brand, you need to consider whether it meets the needs of the market while browsing the quality of the goods.

What brands are there?

Part of the list of brands↑

Italian, Japanese men, ladies fashion brand. For example, SILVIAN HEACH, a women's brand that has sold products in 40 countries.

Get the world attention of the fashion Tide brand RUE BISQUIT.

With ties, scarves, swimwear, socks, shoes and other high quality and unique design combined with the emerging brand FEFE.

There are currently 22 brands.

What about the user response?


Takeuchi: Our users feel that the price of goods is very cheap, and such high quality so that customers are very satisfied. Both in terms of price and quality are met.

What are the future plans for SD Selection?

Takeuchi: In the future, we plan not only the Japanese, Italian brands, but also the expansion of the brand in London and New York. SD Selection's goal is to allow our users to wholesale the world's fashion brands, become irreplaceable existence!

What is the quality of the commodity?

In order to allow users to feel the charm of SD Selection, last year we carried out an exhibition in Tokyo Harajuku.

The exhibition venue in the birthplace of Tokyo fashion. The responsible person of SD Selection for you to introduce carefully.

Imported apparel and accessories has a rare Japanese beautiful colors and patterns, both bold and elegant.

What are you waiting for? Choose some high-quality imported products to improve the competitiveness of your store.

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