With the development of the Internet, the opportunity to write letters by hand has decreased a lot. So on special days, a hand-written letter is more effective when you would like to express your special feelings. I've picked unique and special Japanese letter paper brands that will make your handwritten letter stand out more.

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1. Cozyca Products

Fushisha(表現社), a Japanese stationery maker in Kyoto established in 1933, launched cozyca products as an original brand. It started as the brand to introduce stationery items collaborated with young women designers, hoping that more people could enjoy their designs and help them do their best, even a little more.

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西淑 一筆箋/nishishuku letterpad

A silent atmosphere and warm colors that give you a sense of the beginning of the story, and the taste of hand-crafting done. It is made of Mino Japanese paper, so you can directly feel its creamy paper quality.

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2. Hütte paper works

Hütte paper works is a paper brand launched in 2009 by Propeller Studios based in Kobe's former settlement. It makes paper items such as cards, letters, calendars, etc., using seasonal flowers as motifs for the feel and color of paper.

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Eraser Hanko Letter Paper

The simple monotone flower pattern is elegant and stylish. You can write a message as a piece of paper, as well as it can be used as wrapping and collage materials.

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3. Shibatasan Series

Shibatasan, a Japanese adorable Shiba Inu character, has been loved by people all over the world. Sibatasan series has various kinds of products from stationery to fashion accessories.

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Shibatasan Summer POP UP postcard

It is a summer POP UP postcard of the Shibata san series. Why don't you enjoy with Shibata san that enjoys watering in the tub?

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4. Wa-life

Cozy stationery that expands the circle of people, by Furukawashiko. When you want to spell out a little everyday life, want to feel free to stretch out, or just feel at ease, try the Wa-life's letter sets and memos that make you feel at ease with a smile.

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Milk Mini Letter

It is a bottled milk mini letter paper that feels nostalgic with a full drink after bathing. The point is the milk bottle lid-like sticker. If you find the sticker stuck on the envelope, you will fall in love with it soon! Also, it will be fun to open the seal.

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KOTORITACHI is a brand of clothes and miscellaneous items based on birds. It was started by a designer who has studied Japanese painting (flowers and birds) with the concept that living with birds by drawing them on general merchandise. KOTORITACHI believes that the design emphasizes not only the cuteness but also the detailed description, color and artistic elements of the design and that it provides new values for enjoying the decorated space as well as the advantages of general merchandise.

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A cute message card in the shape of a bird. High quality, easy-to-write drawing paper like Arabic paper. You can put a message on the belly, beak, and back of the bird.

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