Hello, this is Mami. Taking up where we left off last time, we are writing about local brands. Now the theme is... kitchenware. Japanese kitchenware has been a hot trend in Japan and overseas now. We will introduce three of the hottest local brands, Tsubame, Mino, Hasami below!

Tsubame 燕

Well known as the "town of ironware" such as work tools and cutlery-related, this area straddles Sanjo and Tsubame(燕三条) in Niigata Prefecture.
Advanced metal processing is also well received globally, as well as its technology has been applied to the iPod's mirror screen.

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Mino 美濃

Located in Gifu Prefecture, this area produces the Mino-yaki(美濃焼). About 440 years ago, Sen no Rikyu and others created a lot of beautiful pottery. It has accounted for 60-70% of Japan's market as the largest ceramic production base.

Its simple and lovely design will surely make your dinner time fun.

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Hasami 波佐見

Hasami City(波佐見市) in Nagasaki Prefecture is very famous for its pottery. It has been used widely among common people since about 400 years ago. With high technology and production force, it is good at mass production.
Also, as many stylish designed items are around, they are popular among young people as well.

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