These days, the time spent at home is getting longer, and more people cook at home.
For those who want to enjoy delicious food with high-quality kitchenware like cafes and restaurants at home, I prepared a special Japanese Kitchenware.

1. [Nel Drip] Spire Dark compact ceramic coffee dripper

By suzugama.
Nel drip is a drip method that uses a cloth filter to extract coffee and features a deep taste. Spiel, which achieved 300% of the target amount by crowdfunding, is a dripper jointly developed by Maruta Iryo Co (Traditional nel filter maker) and suzugama. It was difficult to store in the equipment yet Spire pursues a balance as a tool. While valuing the fun of drip, suzugama reviews the workflow during drip and produce a special time for yourself with a compact and high-quality design. Mainly for men over the age of 50, those who are nerd drip fans, those who are frustrated by managing the nel filter, those who want to enjoy authentic coffee at work can now enjoy the authentic taste easily. Fortunately, suzugama provides this dirpper.

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2. Wappa (Japanese Bento box) made by natural wood

Craftsmen carefully polish wood processed from natural cedar-wood, and perform coating treatment to enhance durability. It have been passed the inspection based on the Food Sanitation Law and cleared the standard so that you can use it safely with peace of mind.
[Foundation for Science and Technology Strategy, Polymer Testing and Evaluation Center Osaka Office, 20 High School 0-0079]

The bent box lid and the top and bottom of the body are rounded to create a warm and smooth feel that is comfortable to touch and feel. In addition, hinoki cypress is used as a cushioning material in the box, and Japanese paper with a floral pattern is used for the bento box body, creating an atmosphere of warm wood material.

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3. Bottle Drainer Stand

It is a draining stand that can dry multiple bottles, small parts of the bottle, small items for lunch, and so on at the same time. It can also be used for PET bottles, storage bags with zippers, baby bottles, etc. When not in use, it can be folded and stored slim.

Open the stand as far as it will go before use. When hanging a heavy water bottle, it can be used stably by hanging it on the center rod. For small packing, use hooks for easy drying of parts.
You can also dry with a deep groove cap that is hard to dry.
● Heat-resistant temperature: 80 ℃

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4. Ceramic grill

It is a ceramic grill that makes toast crispy. The feature of ceramic grill is "far infrared". The main advantage is that it keeps the moisture of the ingredients, does not let the taste escape, and it is fluffy and juicy. Even if you use a stove fire, you can get the effect of burning it over a charcoal fire, and you can simply enjoy the cooking method of "baking."

* Some scratches, distortions, and rattling may be observed during the manufacturing process.
* For open fire only
* Cassette stove not possible (radiant heat from ceramic may explode the gas cylinder)
* IH not possible
* The ceramic part gets black after baking.

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5. Plate Kohiki

The popular rokuro series by BLUT'S, which sells domestically produced pottery mainly to pottery in Gifu prefecture and Higashi-Mino area. It is a new work by Mino and Sakichi. It is a plate with a cute design that looks like flowers on the table. A feeling of size suitable for a small main plate and a large plate. It is a nice atmosphere with a gentle color that is not pure white, a rustic texture with an uneven surface, and a texture that can be created by applying glaze. With the atmosphere of one dish, the usual dishes will be fashionable. Furthermore, it is mysterious because it looks gorgeous with the addition of gorgeousness. It's easy to use, so it's recommended for newlyweds who are trying to collect dishes from now on and beginners of cooking! It's nice to collect in a series.

Dishwasher and microwave can be used! Porcelain is stronger and stronger than pottery. It can also be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers. Plus, it is not water-absorbing and has the characteristic that stains and molds do not easily adhere to it. You can easily clean oil stains. It is very easy to care for, so even people who have shunned Japanese tableware can feel free to use it.

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