Ninja Samurai

Hello. It's Hamaken.

Doesn't every kid who loves Japan have a wish to become a ninja or samurai?

When it comes to Ninja, "Ninja Turtles". On the other hand, speaking of the Samurai is "Wolverine", "Rurouni Kenshin".

In the story of "Wolverine", a lot of Ninja appeared in it, so I was excited.

The word of "Ninja" and "Samurai" have been already known all over the world and it is clear that even if you examine that with Google Trend.

Ninja Samurai by google trend

Today I will introduce such so cool items which you can become a Ninja & Samurai!
Be a Ninja ! Be a Samurai !

9 Carefully Selected Items of Ninja & Samurai

Ninja Costume Kids

Once your kids get in these outfits, you can't help but want to snap a picture.

Ninja costume kids

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Ninja Costume

Please do not worry, there are also the one for adults.

Ninja costume

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Samurai Costume

This costume is similar to a certain popular anime!

Samurai costume

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Ninja Costume Dog

The dog is the important partner. Dogs can also become Ninja!

Ninja costume dog

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Ninja Shuriken

When it comes to Ninja's representative weapon, it is a Shuriken (Throwing‐knife). This coaster has wonderful concept. You can remove the Shuriken, but please be careful not to throw.

Ninja shuriken

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Ninja Shuriken Socks

This is the socks type Shurikens. You can use it as socks when not using it as Shurikens.

Ninja shuriken socks

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Ninja Scissors

This scissors are modeled Ninja sword.

Ninja scissors

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Samurai Chopsticks

This one is the chopsticks which the Samurai swords are combined as gift.

Samurai chopsticks

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ACDC Samurai

Finally, this one is the modern Samurai style offered by ACDC RAG, the popular Harajuku style brand. It is cool because the Japanese traditional pattern is installed well.

modern Samurai ACDC

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What do you think about them?

Not only the item I introduced at this time, but also there are the other items related Ninja and Samurai more.

If you learn more, click the links below!

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I hope you can become a great Ninja or Samurai.

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