Japanese subcultures are another very interesting and very popular field. Cosplay is one of the most popular subcultures in Japan, and various events are held all over the country. One of the most popular events in Japan is the "Comic Market" held twice a year in summer and winter, where many people from all over Japan gather to dress up as their favorite characters and enjoy the event. The culture of cosplay is now enjoyed by many people not only in Japan but all over the world. However, it is difficult to find costumes, and many people may have to come to Japan to purchase them. SUPER DELIVERY also sells many costumes, and I would like to introduce some of the most interesting ones. Please enjoy the Japanese subculture.


  The first one I would like to introduce is the samurai costume. Samurai costumes were born from Japan's unique medieval culture. This product is a cool dark blue kimono with a black hakama-style skirt. The skirt has a hook-and-loop fastener at the back, and the strings are brought to the front for tying, making it easy to wear. It's a simple costume that can also be used for arranging.

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  The second is the Ninja costume, which is the most popular along with the Samurai. All you have to do is tie the sleeves and the bottom of the pants with the attached string, and put on the mouthpiece and hood! It's easy to put on and you'll be a ninja in no time!

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School Uniform

  School uniforms are a unique part of Japanese school culture, and many people have probably seen them in Japanese dramas, movies, and anime. This time, I will introduce a male school uniform costume called "Gakuran". You can wear it to events, Halloween, or any other time you feel like a student in Japan.

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Cute Bunny Costume for Kids

  The last one is a stuffed animal costume with bunny ears hood for kids to wear. It will definitely make your cute kid look even cuter.

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  The above are just a few of the products that are particularly unique on SUPER DELIVERY. There are many more cute and interesting costumes out there, so be sure to check them out!

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