Hello, this is Mami. At this time, I challenged the coloring book that has been popular globally.

I picked up the cute one, Romantic Jouney published by KAWADE SHOBO SHINSHA Ltd.


In addition, I have never tried it. I'm looking forward to coloring!
Here we go!

Things To Have Ready

Firstly, let's check the things to have ready together.

Have you already prepared below?

- Coloring Book
- Colored pencils

How to paint

Everything you can paint such as colored pencils, watercolor pencils, color pens is ok.
The ordinary colored pencil would be good for the beginners.

When you get used to it, you would want to use good ones. The royal road is Sakura craypas color pencils !

In this way, there are also some that are sold as the sets from the beginning.
I would recommend for beginners.


The preparation has been ready.

Let's Give A Try

Although I opened the page, I did not know how to paint at first.
Those who are accustomed to handling colors as usual may draw well, but it will take some time to start for those who are not accustomed.

Since I did not know how to combine the colors, I painted to refer the original colored page in the first page.

It has gradually become like the original style!

Almost there!

Ta-da! Finished!


I think it took around five or six hours to complete one page. I felt like using my brain quite a bit, and the accomplishment.

Also, it was fresh for me to remember the pattern to use colors that I have never used. As I imitated the creator’s image, it would not be perfect, but I realized that I could copy the color sense.

The trick is to first look at the whole picture and make your coloring plan. At first, proceed by following the sample, then it will be beautifully finished.

I heard that the advanced player often proceed it using Washi tape and pastel.

Why Coloring Books for Adults Became a Hit?

As a result, I actually tried, I could feel the sense of accomplishment, and be into it. What is this hit's secret?

According to the professor Yoshihiko Koga of Kyorin University, our brain move like below.

The action such as thinking, coloring one by one will stimulate your brain efficiently.

Looking closely at the original picture and memorize it. Thinking about the composition of which color and where to paint. Actually, holding the colored pencils and painting.

Showing the completed work to your friends and communicate by publishing to the SNS.

From the result, this series of actions will activate your brain by seeing (Occipital lobe), remembering (Temporal lobe), considering the placement (Parietal lobe), integrating the information and directing the motion (Frontal association area), moving your hands (Motor area), talking (Auditory area / Language area).

Source: PRESIDENT online The healing effect of a large epidemic "Coloring Book For Adults"

The entire brain becomes actively like above, it seems that secret of the hit that the element of "Rest, Recreation, Relax" for removing the stress acts are packed with this act.

Certainly, the brain is an organ that accumulates stress when there is no repetition of the same work or new stimulus, so it is perfect for relaxing. It can be said that this hit would be very rational!


I tried the coloring book, and actually experienced the mental and physical relaxation.

I would recommend you select the picture you would like and challenge it!
Personally, I would recommend the complex pattern because the work you paint the similar pattern seems to let you tired.

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