Echizen lacquerware is one of the most common dishware made in Japan. The lacquer itself originates from the sap of the Japanese Sumac tree. After applying the lacquer in multiple layers over a base material, such as wood or paper, the dish becomes durable, resistant, waterproof, and above all, aesthetically pleasing with a beautiful luster. This ancient technique originated some 1500 years ago in Japan; however, most modern lacquerware is replaced by a cheaper synthetic or chemical counterpart.

1. Sakura Echizen Lacquerware Plate

  This Sakura lacquer plate is a versatile dish that can be used to serve side dishes or as individual serving plates. The base is carved from wood, and then covered with several layers of natural black lacquer. Red and gold lacquer is used to create an elegant cherry blossom design on the inside of the plate. This classic colour profile of Echizen lacquerware dishware is used to create a traditional dishware that is functional, lightweight, and durable.

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2. Echizen Soup Bowl with Lid

  Taking a more modern approach, this Echizen lacquer dish is made from 100% resin to offer you a sleek and useful bowl for your soup, keeping it warm for longer. The traditional black and red resins are blended to create a rich burgundy color, complete with gorgeous gold detailing on the top and bottom ridges. The resin material’s lightweight feel, along with the raised edges on both the top and bottom of the bowl makes it easy to carry your or your guests’ soup without burning your hands.

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3. Echizen Sandalwood Oval Tray

  With their lightweight feel and classy look, Echizen trays are perfect for serving food or drinks to your guests at home or in your restaurant. This modern take on a Japanese classic uses resin with a urethane coating to prolong your tray’s life. The tray is coated with a blend of the traditional black and red resins for a deep mahogany color and decorated with a single grape branch for elegance. Impress your guests by serving treats and tea from this stylish Echizen lacquerware tray.

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4. Six-piece Echizen Dish Set in Wooden Box

  This six-piece set comes with five Echizen bowls of varying sizes and one small plate for serving different dishes at your meal. The largest bowl measures 15cm in diameter, with the smallest plate measuring about half that size. Made from natural horse chestnut lacquer and presented in a decorative wooden box, this is a premium set made from traditional Echizen lacquerware methods in Japan. Originally used in temples to serve food for monks, this is the perfect set to serve food at special events or to give as a gift.

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5. Echizen Coated iPhone Case

  This unique iPhone case takes the artisanal Echizen craft and applies it to more modern use. The combination of bamboo, silk, and Echizen lacquer creates a unique way to decorate your phone with Japanese traditions while protecting it from scratches and cracks. Made for iPhone 6 and 6s, this case is for those who love to add aesthetic accessories to their everyday items. This could be a perfect gift for your teenagers or artistic friends who spend a lot of time on their phones!

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  Echizen lacquerware is a great way to showcase Japanese culture in your kitchen, to your guests, and even as a decoration for everyday items. Introduce your clients to this ancient Japanese craft with our many different Echizen products. Sign up to become a member of SUPER DELIVERY today and access these products and many more!

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