Throughout Japanese history, there are a wide range of pottery and ceramic forms. Each one is indicative of a specific era, region, and art style. Among these, Hasami is one of the most well-known ceramic styles that is still very common to this day. Its elegance and intricate detail make it the perfect tableware to impress guests and clients from all over the world.

What is Hasami Ware?

  Developed in Nagasaki prefecture around 400 years ago (Edo period), hasamiware is one of the most common ceramics styles in Japan. Due to the abundant stone banks used in the clay and porcelain mixture, this region quickly became a fertile ground for the production of Japanese tableware, resulting in some of the most elegant pottery of its time. Hasami Ware is known for its characteristic white and blue designs. White porcelain is painted with intricate cobalt blue decoration. The open wickerwork design is one of the most well-known decorations, celebrated for the precision and grace required to perfect it.

  One of the biggest challenges today is to maintain the quality and grace of traditional craftsmen methods with large-scale production. Apart from its beauty and grace, hasami ware is also known to be lightweight, yet durable. The simple designs and functionality make it popular dishware for people of all ages, gaining popularity with younger audiences.

Fuji-style Ceramic Coffee Filter Set

  This unique coffee filter is designed in the shape of Mount Fuji, which for years, has been a symbol of faith and admiration in Japanese culture. As a highly porous material when unglazed, ceramic makes for an ideal superfine-grade filter. The ceramic filter also removes the need for disposable paper filters, making your morning coffee ritual more sustainable and eco-friendly. The filter even has self-cleaning properties through a phenomenon known as the “lotus effect”, in which the ultra-hydrophobic ceramic surface repels water to clean itself, much like the lotus flower, nelumbo. Hasami Fuji filter sets come in six different colors and are a perfect staple or gift for any coffee aficionado.

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Rice Bowl with Classic Blue and White Design

  Made in the traditional artisanal style, this hasami ware bowl displays the classic simplicity of white porcelain with blue pigment designs and a glaze finish. At 12cm in diameter, the bowl can be used for either rice or tea. Its rolled edge design, also known as Tamabuchi, allows it to be used in the dishwasher or microwave. The bowl comes in two different designs: one with symmetrical blue pigment and brown edging, while the other has a simple asymmetrical style with no edge detail. This multi-use bowl is an excellent staple to contribute to your kitchenware collection or to give as a gift to any pottery lover.

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5-piece Rectangular Dish Set

  This Hasami dish set comes with five rectangular plates that can be used for serving a variety of food, such as grilled fish, yakitori, and other special dishes. Each dish comes with a unique design, in the classic white and cobalt blue tradition. Measuring at 18cm x 12.5cm, these plates can easily stack to save space in your kitchen cabinets. This set is a more modern take on the classic Hasami design, perfect for younger people and anyone who loves to entertain. These unique plates will surely make a statement and bring balance to any table spread.

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  Hasami Ware is one of the most iconic porcelain styles that has lived on from centuries of Japanese tableware traditions. With so many modern and classical takes on this ancient pottery style, it is the perfect way to introduce your clients to Japanese culture. Sign up to become a member of SUPER DELIVERY to receive full access to these hasami ware sets and thousands of other wholesale Japanese products today!

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