In the Western world, glassblowing is seen as an art form and less like a way to create functional glassware; meanwhile, in Japan, glassblowing continues to serve as a means of production for everyday items. Edo glass is one of the most popular forms of glassblowing and continues to be applied to several household and commercial uses to this day.

What is Edo Glass?

  Edo glass is one of Japan’s most prized glass crafting techniques. The traditional glass-blowing technique is named after the time period in Japan that it stems from—the Edo period (1603-1868). During this time, the Western modes of production were fused with the glass industry in Tokyo, resulting in the development of this unique style.

  The technique involves a series of glass-shaping techniques, including mouth-blowing, mold blowing, and press molding. This results in a gorgeous, refined, yet raw glass effect that can be used to create a variety of items, mainly dishware. Unlike Edo Kiriko (add a link to Edo Kiriko's article here), Edo glass is smooth and finished without any intricate glass cutting designs.

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Glass Plain Marubun

  As part of the Kutani Japanese glass series, this water glass is made from a fusion of Kutani porcelain and Edo glass. The base of the glass showcases the gorgeous Kutani porcelain design, a unique porcelain art originating in Japan some 360 years ago. This simple, yet intricate glass can be used to serve water or a variety of other iced beverages. The glass holds up to 280 mL and may vary in weight, due to the slight variation in the hand-blown glass design.

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Sake Cup Glass

  This elegant sake glass is made with the traditional Edo glass technique and decorated with gold designs to impress your dinner guests. Each glass holds 130 mL and is made from Cicada Red Crystal, with the gold detail on top representing Tenku, or “above”, and the detail on the bottom representing Earth, or “below”. With its classy wooden case, this two-piece sake cup set makes a perfect gift. Use it at your next special holiday dinner party or at your restaurant to impress and show off the wonder of Edo glass design.

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Mt. Fuji Edo Glass Cup

  Our Mt. Fuji Edo glass cup is traditionally blown and designed in the harenomi style, a type of glass tinted in various colors to invite good fortune. With Mount Fuji being one of Japan’s most prominent symbols of good fortune, this is the perfect design to bring you or your loved ones good luck. At 60mL, the glass is small, retains the organic shape of Edo glass, and can be used for serving sake or other spirits. Bring good fortune to your household with this Mt. Fuji cup, in clear, red, or blue glass.

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Yachiyo Kiln Edo Glass

  This minimalist-style glass is made from a specific type of Edo glass design, using the Yachiyo Kiln. Originating from the region of Shimosa in Japan, Yachiyo kiln glassware is produced by winding a thin colored glass rod with a gold leaf around the transparent glass, and then using the mouth-blowing method to shape the glass. The result is a thin, delicate, yet organic glass design reminiscent of Japanese traditional glass-blowing techniques. With a capacity of 260 mL, this glass can be used to serve a wide variety of beverages, such as water, wine, etc. The glass has a gorgeous blue tint on the lower half with gold leaf specks visible throughout. Its gorgeous presentation case makes it the perfect gift or glassware for special occasions.

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Fine Crystal Edo Wine Glass

  Although it may not look like it, this is not your ordinary wine glass. Made in Japan, this elegant crystal wine glass was made using traditional Edo glass blowing techniques. Everything including the stem is handmade, offering a beautiful, classy, and easy-to-use design.

  With a capacity of 450 mL, this glass is perfect for a variety of wines and will add a tasteful touch to your dinner table.

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  Edo glass is one of the glassware techniques that are unique to Japan and continues to be preserved to this day. With so many eye-catching and useful Edo glass designs, these are the perfect way to showcase Japanese glassware to your clients. Sign up to become a member of SUPER DELIVERY today to access our wholesale catalog of Japanese products!

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