Found in the entrances of homes, restaurants, and offices in Japan, Maneki Neko, translated as “beckoning cat”, is one of Japan’s most well-known good luck charms. The waving cat has long been a symbol of good fortune, with different attributes meant to attract specific types of prosperity.

What is Maneki Neko?

  Cats have a long history of bringing luck to the people of Japan. One of the most famous Japanese cats, Tama, helped Naotaka, a ruler during the Edo Period (1603-1868), to escape a lethal strike of lightning. Tama did this by beckoning him with his paw. This is where Maneki Neko’s waving arm comes from.
  The position of each Maneki Neko’s arm determines what will attract for the owner. A raised right arm attracts money while a raised left arm attracts people and relationships (or in the case of business, clients). Maneki Neko with both arms raised is said to attract both money and people, however, these are not as popular.

Different Colours for Different Types of Prosperity

  Maneki Neko come in many different colors; each attracts different types of energy and can be used in different parts of your home, workplace, or as accessories. For example, black charms are used for protection and to avert evil, and blue attract peace and harmony, which would be perfect for your bedroom, bathroom, or spa. White invites energies of purity and happiness, while gold attracts wealth and prosperity, a great choice for your office or business. Red is known to protect children from illness while green helps with studies and heals illness. Finally, pink attract love and romance.

Where to Place Maneki Neko at Home

  The best place for your good fortune cats is at the southeast corner, which, in feng shui, is the section of your home that represents your wealth. Another great spot for your Maneki Neko is in your home office, preferably in the southeast corner. You can place one in the west for fertility and children, and a black Maneki Neko in the entrance for protection.

Recommended Maneki Neko for home

1.Traditional Maneki Neko

  This is the most common version, which comes in both variations (left hand and right hand raised). With this original pottery design, clients can choose whether they wish to invite people or money. Each figurine is holding a koban, or gold coin from the Edo period, inscribed with “10 million gold pieces”, inviting prosperity. This classic style is perfect for the entrance of your home or business to invite good people or money.

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Sakura Maneki Neko

  This Sakura edition is a more modern take on the traditional Maneki Neko and has softer features. The style comes from a pottery shop in Seto City that has a 1,000-year history with pottery. Pink Maneki Neko, such as this one, can be placed in the southwest corner of your home to attract love, romance, and relationships.

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Wearing Maneki Neko

  Maneki Neko also comes in smaller forms as a charm that people can carry around all day for good fortune and protection. These are two of the most popular ways to always invite prosperity.

1. Cell phone charm

  This is a light and compact Maneki Neko that can easily be attached to your cellphone to always attract good luck. The gold color and rhinestone detail are ideal for attracting wealth and prosperity, while the white one is perfect for those seeking happiness and harmony.

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2. Small pouch

  These small pouches have a Maneki Neko sewn onto the outside, turning into the shape of a cat when the drawstrings are tightened. The soft, lightweight pouch is ideal for storing jewelry, cosmetics, or coins while inviting good fortune. With many colors to choose from, you can decide which kind of luck you wish to invite.

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  Maneki Neko is a classic Japanese charm that represents Japan’s cultural beliefs. Impress your clients with different versions of this good luck charm that will surely attract fortune for your customers. Sign up to become a member of SUPER DELIVERY today to access these charms and many more!

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