Hello, this is Mami. In Tokyo, the big events themed "Design" like the annual Roppongi Art Night & TOKYO DESIGN WEEK due to the art of the autumn are coming up. "Design" is very important element in the selection of merchandise selection.
To begin with, what is the Japanese design?

So, today, we have picked out three of famous Japanese knick knack designers here.

Shinzi Katoh

He started his career as a knick knack designer in the 70s, and has engaged in the design of many things such as washi tape, plates, bags. Little Red Hood and his own original character, sora bear are popular, his marchen and tender works have fascinated people globally.

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Yuka Saji

She is a planning designer and illustrator of knick knack themed kawaii, healing, loosely animals including cats.
Mainly responsible for the popular knickknack manufacturer's brand, "concombre". She widely deployed from the healing of the Interiors to practical products.

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Tomohiro Noda and Shinozaki Mayu work as a couple, drawing a piece of painting together. Noda plans the animals, Shinozaki draws children. They conduct brand design, "ecoute!" including the book of illustrations, picture books, and household goods such as kitchenware and towels.

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