CHIPS JAPAN is a company that produces/proposes daily living ware. Those living ware would fit your life and make your living space enjoyable.
CHIPS JAPAN makes products that are easy to use, adapt to your life easily, and enrich your feelings. CHIPS JAPAN products will help you to make your lifestyle happy.

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◆This vendor does not provide the products to China.

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The CHIPS mug. Series, which is made by trial and error, pursue visual coolness and high practicality. Although it is tableware that fits into space as part of the interior, it has a simple, highly functional design that is comfortable, easy to use, and most importantly compatible with dishes. The rich color variation is also a feature of the CHIPS mug. Series. One that fits your space will surely be found.

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A vessel project made with a food expert, Mio Hishinuma, who is also a nutritionist. A vessel that can be used every day to suit both Western and Japanese dishes. Then, with the theme of a dish that is unique to Mio's cuisine, she visited a kiln in the Mino region with Mio and finished it with something that came perfectly.

Nutritionist, Side dish manager, Bread export
Born in 1989, Tokyo.
After graduating from university, worked as a freelancer after working for a food company.
Under the motto "Delicious rice saves the world," she devises simple, delicious, and gentle rice.

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Antique and designer's products that many people long for.
However, it's expensive and many people worried if they can use it well...
People couldn't take this kind of step easily, and after all, their admiration remains just the admiration...

Ancient Pottery is a highly practical vessel that has the details of antiques and designer's works but is suitable for modern lifestyles using the strong soil of stoneware.
Together with the Mino potters, these series have used Mino's materials and techniques to make it accessible and rich. This is the first step to realize your longing.

Ancient Pottery comes in three types of dishes and one mug, for a total of four item types.
Each is available in three colors, white, gray and brass.



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