Explore the Spectacular Sales Growth of Traditional Crafts: Mino Washi Paper, Arita Ware, and Tokoname Ware

In anticipation of 2024, SUPER DELIVERY reveals the top-ranking traditional crafts that continue to enchant buyers worldwide. According to the Annual SUPER DELIVERY International Traditional Crafts Ranking 2023, these treasures saw a remarkable 1.5-fold increase in just one year, highlighting the essence of Japanese artistry and craftsmanship.

Curious about the crafts making waves in sales growth? Delve into the stories of these select treasures, where history meets innovation.

The Top 3 Traditional Crafts

1. Mino Washi Paper (Growth Rate: 7.2x)

Origin: Mino City, Gifu Prefecture
History: With a legacy spanning over 1300 years, Mino Washi is meticulously crafted in the heart of Mino City, Gifu.
Unique Features: Renowned for its delicate texture and durability, "Hon Mino-shi," handcrafted with carefully selected materials, is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. This ancient technique is employed in restoring national treasures and ancient artworks.

~ Unfolding Centuries of Elegance ~

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2. Arita Ware (Growth Rate: 2.9x)

~ A 400-Year-Old Symphony
in Porcelain ~

Origin: Arita Town, Saga Prefecture
History: Known as the very first porcelain made in Japan, Arita Ware has graced tables and collections for over 400 years.
Unique Features: Recognized for its translucent white porcelain, vibrant cobalt blue underglaze, and elaborate red paintings, Arita Ware boasts enduring beauty and functionality. From fine art to daily essentials, its timeless appeal continues to captivate.

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3. Tokoname Ware (Growth Rate: 1.7x)

Origin: Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture
History: Centered around Tokoname City and the Chita Peninsula, Tokoname Ware is one of Japan's Six Ancient Kilns*.
Unique Features: Noteworthy for using clay rich in iron, Tokoname Ware achieves a distinctive reddish hue known as "Shudei(朱泥)." Iconic for teapots, its products embody durability and timeless design.

*Japan's Six Ancient Kilns: The most noteworthy traditional kilns in Japan that have historical significance and are recognized for their contributions to Japanese pottery. Other than Tokoname, the Six Kilns also include Seto, Echizen, Shigaraki, Tanba, and Bizen.

~ Infusing Tradition
with Iron-Rich Earth ~

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