Every month, SUPER DELIVERY holds a discount event called "MD's Pick" where we pick up a company, focus on its items, and conduct discounts.
The company of the month for August 2021 is "KANEISHI CO.,LTD.".

Founded in 1933, KANEISHI CO.,LTD. is a trading company that handles a lot of products such as nursing care, first aid, and other products. Main products include hygiene products, daily goods, beauty and health products, baby products, and nursing care products. Since all products are stocked in their own warehouse, every order can be placed from one unit.

<KANEISHI CO.,LTD. special discount event>

◆Period: 2021/8/3 10am ~ 2021/8/10 10am (GMT+9, Japan Time Zone)
◆Detail: Some items by KANEISHI CO.,LTD. are up to 10% OFF

Today, I'd like to introduce you to four products featured in each categories from KANEISHI CO.,LTD. that are on sale.

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Category 1: Skin-Friendly Products

Featured Product: i-yu 100% Japanese boar oil

“i-yu” is a moisturizing oil whose main ingredient is high-quality Botan oil (wild boar fat) from wild boars grown in the bounty of nature in Japan. Horse oil is said to be close to human sebum, but Botan oil is even closer in composition. Because of the similarity of the ingredients, it blends well with the skin and has low irritation and high moisturizing power.

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Category 2: Mouthpiece

Featured Product: Patented mouthpiece for anti-snoring

It is easy to use. You can just put it in your mouth, and there is no molding required! Two sizes are available, so you can try the one that fits your mouth best. It is patented as a device that widens the airway to prevent snoring by moving the lower jaw forward slightly.

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Category 3: Bedding Products

Featured Product: Water Absorption Fast-Drying Cotton Blanket

A cool towel blanket with an excellent water supply and quick-drying properties is the best bedding product for a hot summer. It is very light, so you won't feel bothered while you sleep. It absorbs sweat and dries quickly, helping you sleep comfortably until morning without getting damp and sticky. Also, one side is of pile fabric, and the other side is waffle fabric, so both sides are usable. Please utilize it according to the temperature and your condition.

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Category 4: Masks

Featured Product: Sawayaka Mask

Excellent in breathability and moisture retention. The inside fabric is made of 100% cotton, a natural material that is gentle to the skin, so it is highly breathable, prevents dampness, and maintains perfect humidity. Also, it is an eco-friendly mask that can be washed and used repeatedly. It's a two-layered structure of cotton-linen blend and 100% cotton fabric. The puffiness of the two tucks gently wraps around the mouth, cheeks, and chin.

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Are you interested in KANEISHI CO.,LTD.'s items now? This discount event is for only one week! (2021/8/3 10am- 2021/8/10 10am, GMT+9)
Other than the products above, there are many items from KANEISHI CO.,LTD. will be discounted by up to 10% OFF! Don't miss the special chance!

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