At SUPER DELIVERY, we have over 2,000 vendors who work hard every day to bring you the best products. Various brand stories are born in these efforts, resulting in beautiful products that bring happiness to everyone. Today, I would like to focus on FURUKWASHIKO, one of the most popular vendors at SUPER DELIVERY.

FURUKWASHIKO is a manufacturer of paper stationery using Mino Washi. Their products are well-designed and have won prominent awards, and they provide many products that customers appreciate. As a result, they are rapidly gaining popularity among buyers in Japan and worldwide. Today, I interviewed a representative of FURUKWASHIKO about their products and brand stories.

Please tell us an overview of your company and the products you offer.

At FURUKAWASHIKO, we offer a wide variety of Japanese paper goods, mainly Mino Washi, to our customers. People are becoming more diverse in terms of nationality, gender, and age in today's life. And the tastes of each person are also diversifying. As a result, we continue to develop products to satisfy the various needs of our customers, with a particular focus on concept, design, and everything else, hoping that many people will love our washi and paper products.

What is the most recommended product of your company now?

We recommend the Retro Diary Die Cut Writing Papers & Envelope Cream Soda (SD Code:9639250) the most, as it has a nostalgic feel to it, like "Junkissa, -Japanese quaint coffee shops-" and "Cream Soda." There is a retro boom in Japan, and it is still going strong. Since the item started selling in 2021, this item has become very popular with a variety of customers. In addition, this item won first place in the letter prize in the "Stationery Store Award 2022", which is held every year and judged by Japanese stationery specialty stores.

Please tell us the story behind the development of the product.

The square writing paper is the most common type in Japan. However, this item was born out of a desire to create a writing paper with an unusual shape that would make recipients happy. The illustrations are hand-painted by the designer using watercolors. The designer hand-drawn the illustrations using watercolors and featured a freshness that makes you want to drink!

What is the best way to use this product?

In Japan, the stationery industry is booming with diary decorations, so much so that a search on the Instagram hashtag "#diarydecorations(#手帳デコ)" yields over 230,000 posts. Die-cut letters are particularly impactful items when used as diary decorations. Many people use them as everyday letters and message cards and as decoration items for various other things. It is an excellent product for one-point decoration.

Finally, do you have a message for the readers?

In addition to the products that won the Stationery Store Award 2022, we have won various other awards, including the "BUNGU JOSHI Award 2021 Excellence Award", and handle more than 500 products. Because we did not have the know-how to ship products overseas ourselves, we have not had the opportunity to get involved with overseas customers until now. However, Through SUPER DELIVERY, we are happy to introduce our confident products to people all over the world now. We hope you will look at our product page as SUPER DELIVERY. We are looking forward to doing business with you soon.

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