At SUPER DELIVERY, we have over 2,000 vendors who work hard every day to bring you the best products. Various brand stories are born in these efforts, resulting in beautiful products that bring happiness to everyone. Today, I would like to focus on FORWATEC JAPAN CORP. the notable company that has recently joined SUPER DELIVERY. Are you wondering what kind of brand story is behind this company that has developed popular craft-tapes such as "Pavilio"? This time, I interviewed a FORWATEC JAPAN CORP. representative about their products and stories.

Please give us an overview of your company and the products you offer.

The lace tape brand "Pavilio" results from a collaboration between a seal printing company in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, famous as a manufacturing town, and a design company in Tokyo. The lace-like tape is characterized by its unique and delicate cutting style and colorful designs. This stylish and impressive product can be used for various occasions, such as wrapping and scrapbooking. With the unique technology and ideas that we have cultivated over the past 40 years since our founding, we offer items never seen before.

What is the most recommended product of your company now?

The "WHITE" series is the most recommended. It is a series of lace-like products with delicate cutting all over and is one of the most representative items of "Pavilio". The pure white and sophisticated design can be used for various occasions such as wrapping and scrapbooking. The designs, which are inspired by blooming flowers and twinkling stars, can be used as they are or cut one by one and used as a motif. Because it is made of PP(Polypropylene) material, even though the line width is only 1mm, it can be attached without losing its beautiful shape. It also has aspect water-resistant, so it can be used to decorate flower vases.

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Please tell us the story behind the development of the product.

With our unique technology cultivated over a long period, we want to deliver to the world a special seal that no one has ever seen before. "Pavilio" was born from this passion. There are many stickers with deformed edges in the world, but very few stickers have been cut all the way through. There are many stickers in the world with deformed edges, but very few of them are cut all the way through, and only "Pavilio" has such a precious sticker in roll form. To express the delicate and beautiful lace-like quality of the seal, we paid close attention to the fineness of the lines and the size of the holes and made many prototypes. Rolling the delicate stickers into rolls to make them easier to use was also an unprecedented challenge. When people saw the ”Pavilio" for the first time and said, "It's beautiful! It looks like real lace!" We felt an irreplaceable sense of joy and satisfaction.

What is the best way to use this product?

The wide tape width of 47mm and 70mm makes it perfect for decorating paper bags and gift boxes. The simple yet beautiful design is also beneficial for special occasions. It can also be used to coordinate luncheon mats, cutlery, and other tableware. You can use the stickers as they are, or you can cut them as motifs. You can also paint the stickers to use them as a stencil sheet. The possibilities are endless. The package is full of a sense of luxury, so it is also recommended as a gift for your loved ones.

Finally, do you have a message for the readers?

How do you use these lacy tapes with their fine cutting and colorful designs? You can use it for gift wrapping, letters, notebooks, interior decoration, etc. Feel free to put it up and find your way to enjoy them.

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