Hello. This is Mami. instax has been familiar all over the world. Why is it so popular despite being able to take pictures easily with smartphones and share with instagram? There are plenty of instax posts on instagram as well.

Recently, a new hybrid type Cheki with a square shape and a combination of Cheki and digital also appeared, and it became a very hot topic among camera lovers.

Where does that popularity come from?

This time I will introduce the charm and the way to enjoy Cheki combined!

What is instax?

instax is a Cheki camera developed by Fujifilm since 1999. Although it temporarily blew the world with the instant camera boom, but it was said that the boom ended in 2002.

However, it started to breathe again and grow to become a popular brand all over the world. It is said, 30% of sales are in the US, 30% in Asia, and 15% in Europe.

Is is proud of top selling at the camera department among many EC sites including Amazon US. According to report on 2016 by WSJ, in 2015, they have 5 million sales records left.

The digital camera industry market itself shrinking, but instax's sales are only growing!

Why is it instax popular now? It is considered that factor is the trend of "analog regression" and "the consciousness to the photographic appearance in SNS" in recent years.

It can be said that instax became popular because our life is centered around digital things.

Charm of instax

What is the attractiveness of instax which is not found on such digital cameras and smartphones?

Art & Retro

Blurring, shades which are difficult to express with ordinary cameras can be shot in art and retro taste.

By Just Taking A Photo, It Becomes A Gift

It can also be used as a celebration gift for marriage and birthday. There is a heavy feeling than ordinary photographs, and it can produce a special feeling.

Leave Your Encounters & Memories As Photo

New encounters with people, events, places are "Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity ". That moment is only that moment I can never ever experience it again.

It is the real charm of instax which you can leave that ephemeral moment as shape.

For travel memory.

For chance of new meeting.

Becomes Interior

You can also hang it as a garland by using strings, or you can make an instax wall to make a memory space.

How to Decoration


The easiest and standard way of decorating. Suitable for instax is an oil pen such as POSCA or Mckee! Recently there are also dedicated pens for decoration, so please try looking for various.

Uni-ball Signo and Sarasa Clips are recommended for decorating photos!

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Flake Seals

Flake seal is seal which is cut one by one along the illustration. Since there are various kinds, it seems that I am about to tend to gather these.

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Washi Tape

Decoration with masking tape. You can use it as a frame, or keep Cheki in an album and notebook? Washi tape in Japan is rich in variety, so please try to utilize it a lot.

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Photo Flame

There is also a photo frame dedicated to Cheki. The special feeling will increase by attaching a special frame.

Japanse instax decoration

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Recent Models Which Attract Many People

I have conveyed you the charm of instax, but it itself has also evolved! Here I will also introduce the latest models!

instax SQUARE SQ10

In Japan, new type was released on 19th May in 2017.

instax has many kinds, but the latest work is a little bit different from the past ones. A hybrid one which instant camera and digital camera are combined, "instax SQUARE SQ 10" was released on May. You can take a square picture like instagram.

Simple black and cozy design. The liquid crystal screen has been added from this time! Adjusting while watching the monitor and selecting a filter in monochrome or ambient pictures and then printing are available. You can touch it like using smartphone. It can save around 800 pcs with 1 GB micro SD.

Of course you can instantly print Cheki at that moment as usual. It is appreciated that the conventional settings still remain because instax's charm is taking a moment as a photo!

Minion's Type

Minions type is also coming! Extremely cute!
It was just released on 21st July on 2017, and the quantity is limited. It was manufactured based on instax mini 8.

Each part can be separated like this. There are also films of Minion's specification. Children must be pleased with this?



What do you think about instax?

instax, which can keep the shape of memories and interaction with people, is very attractive.

It is good to just take photo data, but instax can embody memories and moments and you can share it as a gift. There is also high affinity with SNS such as instagram which many people share daily life. From now on, instax will notice more and more attention?

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