In North America, slippers are traditionally worn exclusively inside the home; meanwhile, in Japan, slippers are worn when entering many public establishments, including doctor’s offices, hotels, spas, etc. In fact, there is an extensive slipper etiquette around changing into slippers and which areas of these establishments require slippers to be worn. In many cases, slipper etiquette is as important as the tradition of bowing. For this reason, it comes as no surprise that Japan has really refined their slipper game. Here are some of our favorite Japanese slippers.

Youryu Slippers For Men and Women

  These super simple and versatile tatami slippers are perfect for wear around the home during warmer months. Made from Yoryu fabric, a cotton and hemp blend, and a tatami insole, these slippers are the ideal indoor footwear for staying cool and fresh in the summer. The natural cotton, hemp, and tatami fabric provides a light and comfortable slipper for daily use, made in the Japanese tradition. This is the perfect unisex slipper to show your clients a piece of Japanese culture. Toyayangi slippers are offered in three colors, blue, gray, and navy, and two sizes, medium (23.5 - 25 cm) and large (25 - 27 cm).

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Design Effect Material Slippers

  This is the perfect faux-leather clog-style slipper for long periods of standing around the house. With a durable leather-like material and close-toed design, the slipper is ideal for kitchen activities. The impermeable surface is easy to clean or wipe and the bottom has a rubber non-slip surface in case of spills. Cushioned soles make standing for long periods of time a breeze, perfect for homemakers and chefs. These comfortable slippers come in two different sizes (medium, 23.5 cm, and large, 26.5 cm) and four different colors, ivory, red, brown, and black.

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Neil Striped Casual Slipper

  The Neil slipper is the perfect everyday footwear for anyone with wider-set feet who feels uncomfortable in traditional slippers. At 28-29 cm, this is a larger-sized slipper for men who never seem to have any luck finding shoes that fit. A classy chenille pattern gives this slipper a laid-back design. So many men have come to love the comfort and simplicity of this slipper that it has been recognized as “Amazon’s Choice”. The Neil slipper is offered in gray and blue colors to effortlessly match any look.

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Natural Fabric Tulip Slippers for Women

  These gorgeous tulip slippers certainly catch your eye and infuse the home with elements of nature. The close-toed design is great for those who like to keep their toes warm and dust-free. Made from natural fabrics, such as hemp and cotton, these slippers are breathable and keep you cool during spring and summer. The base also has a plush cushion to provide you with comfort all day long. Made in Japan, these tulip slippers are about 24.5 cm in size and are available in three colors: yellow, pink, and blue.

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Animal Multi-Use Microfibre Slippers

  The Animal Microfibre slipper is the perfect indoor footwear for those who love to keep their floors sparkling clean. Apart from the adorable animal design, each slipper comes with a soft microfibre sole that works as a cleaning tool to collect dust and moisture from your floor—so you are actually cleaning with every step! The bottom of the slipper is a mop insert that can be removed for easy cleaning. Their soft, fluffy fabric is also incredibly comfortable and cozy to snuggle into after a long day of work. Animal slippers are 23-25 cm in size and come in bear, koala, and rabbit designs.

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  Japan’s slipper culture has certainly given rise to some very comfortable, classic, and versatile designs. Your customers would be delighted to discover all of these slipper designs and more. To order wholesale slippers and other unique products, subscribe to SUPER DELIVERY today! Our selection of Japanese products will add a special touch to your shop.

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