Japanese paper, Washi is made with traditional techniques and with the senses based on Japanese culture. It has existed for 1300 years, and in 2014 the traditional technique was registered as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.
Its durability such that ink letters from more than a hundred years ago will remain clear. It has been used in a variety of products due to its strength, high quality feel, gentle texture.


Origami is one of Japan's unique traditional art. It is a technique to create a variety of shapes like animals and vehicles by folding a single piece of paper. Primarily using square colored paper, it has maintained popularity among Japanese children.
Origami made with Washi gives a high quality feel.

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Washi tape

Washi tape was born about 100 years ago in Japan from a tape-like adhesive plaster meant to apply medicine on the skin. It was thin yet strong, and easy to peel, so it ended up being used in industrial manufacturing factories, and it is used not only in business, but also as lovely general goods. Japanese one is not only strong, the design is also quite rich.

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Chigiri Washi

Made of torn Washi, it's featured by mohair-like fluffy texture, which significantly brings out Japanese atmosphere.
Chigiri washi has a wide variety of uses including as figurines and the label of sake. Besides, its luxurious feeling allows use as a gift bag for a celebrating occasion. Particularly, Japanese new year's figurines has been very popular also overseas.

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