Hello. It is Tommy. I have a two-year daughter now.
Since she gradually has got to eat by herself, I concern choosing a meal item so that she can have a delightful meal.

Therefore, at this time, I will introduce the meal items chosen from Japanese parent’s view. I selected safe and fun ones for my child.


Bamboo Dish

In Japan, 100 days after the birth of a child, Japanese perform the Okuizome, also known as the First Meal ceremony, to pray so that the child will never have food troubles for their whole life.

The one children use at the time is the first dishes for children to touch, so we would like to choose carefully.

How about the bamboo dishes made in Japan with a sense of cleanliness?

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Subdividing Containers

When they start to eat baby food, it would be convenient to use the one we can frozen the food we made and the can be put in the microwave.
Also, it would be better to choose the safe one made in Japan not to melt in the microwave.

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Animal Pattern Dishes

When she got around 1 year old, since she could get to recognize animals, I selected and used the dishes with the pattern which drawn plenty animals and shaped plates. One plate would be convenient which the children can eat well-balanced foods. I would recommend the melamine material and wood material which are hard to break.

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Pottery dishes

When the child is about two years old, their understanding ability will increase. We can make them use ceramic wares to make them understand that things will break if they handle them roughly.

The amount to eat has also increased, so the designs which they can see the characters when they finish to eat all will apparently make children appetizing.

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Dishes have playful mind

The kawaii dishes which comes out when you order "Children Lunch" on the go would also make kids enjoy to eat.

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I recommend the Edison series.
The fork is devised so that the noodles would be easy to eat, and the spoons would be easy to scoop.
In my house, I have two sets for home use and going out (Including cases).

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In this section, I would also recommend Edison series.
There are several sizes to be able to start from around 2 years old.
I would like her to remember the right method to hold the chopsticks when my daughter is a child, so that she will not struggle after becoming an adult.

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I introduced the meals items for small children based on my actual experiences at this time.

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