Summer in Japan is from June to August and is usually a very hot season, with extreme humidity levels.
Daytime temperatures is often higher than 30℃ (86°F), especially in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and other metropolitan areas.

Today I introduce you three of the most popular Japanese items that make you feel the summer.


Sensu(folding fan)

 Sensu is a traditional tool originally used in ceremonial events and entertainment.
Today it is used to make
When the hot summer, many people go out bring it because it is so light and small.
There are a variety of pattern
It is very popular also as a Japanese souvenir.

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Furin (Wind Chimes)

 Furin is another symbol of summer in Japan.
It is used on hot summer days to induce the feeling of coolness through sound.
It is made by a bowl-shaped exterior, the zetsu (clapper) on the inside that produces the sound, and a strip of paper that is hung from the zetsu.
With just these three parts, a furin emits the beautiful sound that is reminiscent of summer.
They are often hung outside or near the windows and people enjoy the soothing sounds they make when the wind blows.

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There also Furin made in Nambu Tekki(南部鉄器), a traditional metalwork produced in Tōhoku, Northeast Japan.
Since it is made of casting, it produces a more profound and emotional sound.


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Katori-Senko (mosquito coil)

 Also Katori-Senko (mosquito-coil) and Katori-Senko holder are very famous items that represent the summer in Japan.
Katori-Senko is a coil-shaped incense incorporating insecticide elements, used to protect by the mosquito’s bites.
It is widely used in Japanese homes since it is very easy to use:
You set it on a specialized stand, lit in order to make smoke of insecticide elements.

One of the most popular Katori-Senko holder is called “Katori-buta”, because of its pig(buta)-like shape.
It is made in porcelain, in Bankoyaki(萬古焼) a famous for its excellent durability.

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Recently there are some very stylish and cute containers.

Or modern shape ones.

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Summer in Japan is very hard for its temperatures and humidity, but there are also many goods that make you more comfortable.

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