I have not even realized how fast time is passing at home because of the long time I spent at home, but the summer has already been coming. How are you all getting ready for the upcoming summer? I'd like to introduce you to an item that you can spend more pleasantly in the upcoming summer!

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1. Cooling Items

The air conditioner or fan wind is cool, but for those who are sometimes worried about electricity bills and want to maintain a smarter and cooler environment, let me introduce cooling items.

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Neck Cooler with Water

It is the item that lasts feeling cool only with water. It uses the heat of vaporization to lower the body temperature and fits perfectly on the neck to keep the sensation of cold with just water. Perfect for sports, outdoors, outdoor work, and travel. Also, it is easy to use: just soak it in water, squeeze it lightly, and shake it to transform easily and easily. It prevents slipping with rubber and also be used reversibly.

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2. UV cut

UV rays that seem to have become more powerful. UV cut items, which have been recognized as being used by the elders, have become a must-have item among young people these days. It's a beauty item for women?! UV rays are known to promote skin cancer and skin aging, and recent studies have shown that they even threaten blood vessels in the skin. Therefore, in order to protect your health regardless of age or gender, UV rays should be blocked.

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Unisex Parasol

This parasol can be used when it is rainy and sunny. Moreover, it is a unisex design umbrella that can be used by both men and women. Not only ultraviolet rays but black coating cut also shine and absorb infrared and visible light as much as possible. Because it also has a heat-shielding effect, it is "cool" and "not dazzling".

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3. Insect Repellent

The fact that the weather is getting hotter means that fighting against insects is inevitable. Here are some useful insect repellent items that can support the fight against the insect.

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Iron Mosquito Coil Stand

By using iron mosquito coil stand, you can enjoy fashionable in both the house and the campsite and prevent from attaching of mosquito. A mosquito netting series that also serves as an interior. A fashionable feeling that you might forget to call mosquito repair with an outdoor motif. It is made of iron, so it can be used outdoors, it is characterized by not taking a refreshing place. On the top of the mountain, there is a hole like a sky full of stars, the body is divided into two so that the ash is also easy to throw away.

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