With all the impressive dishware produced in Japan, it comes as no surprise that there are several unique and stylish cutlery sets to match. There is a fun and useful Japanese-made spoon for every occasion. We have selected five of our favorite Japanese spoon sets:

Kaijirushi Assorted Spoon Set

This Kajirushi spoon set is a great addition to any kitchen for everyday use. In the set of four, each spoon has a stainless steel body and a striped handle made from colored ABS resin, heatproof up to 80 degrees celsius. The ribbed handle comes in four different pastel colors (blue, red, orange, and green), providing a soft touch of colour to your dining area. Kajirushi spoon sets are available in large and small sizes, for main course and dessert use. If you love the style of this spoon set, it is also available in a fork set as well!

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Kajirushi Silicone Spoon

The Kajirushi silicone spoon is perfect for cooking, baking, or any other type of meal preparation. Its thin, scoop-like design makes it the ideal tool for scraping ingredients from your bowls, sauce jars, or any other hard-to-reach places. At 20 cm in length, not only is it convenient, this spoon saves you time cleaning out narrow containers. The silicone material makes it hygienic and easy to wash every time. If you love to cook, bake, or simply love kitchen efficiency, this spoon is a must-have!

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Yoshikawa Polish Spoon Fork Set

Made with a simple, yet elegant design, this Yoshikawa spoon/fork set is made with impeccable stainless steel crafting techniques. The set is made by the Shinea Syndicate from Tsubame City in Nigata Prefecture, a place well-known for its history of traditional metal processing. The Syndicate is a group of metal polishing experts that craft metal products to perfection. Both the spoon and fork have a long handle, creating a unique and classy design that is easy to hold. We recommend giving this set as a gift to friends and family who appreciate fine crafts and kitchenware.

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Yoshikawa Long Powder Spoon

Whether your morning ritual includes matcha, coffee, protein powder, or hot chocolate, this is the perfect spoon to bring ease to your life. The Yoshikawa long powder spoon is designed with a hook-like handle to easily hang off the edge of your most-used powders. Made in Japan, this spoon is made from high-quality stainless steel and comes in two different sizes; half-size (12.7 cm) and long (16.8 cm). Start enjoying your mornings just a little bit more with this handy powder spoon!

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