With spring around the corner, many are excited to leave their winter coats behind and embrace lighter fashion. Whether you are looking for an everyday skirt for the office or something more fun to wear out on the weekend, we have some great options for you. Step into spring with one of these versatile and comfortable skirts.

Knee-length Stretch Skirt

  This knee-length skirt has all the styles of a pencil skirt, while also providing you with the comfort of a stretchy fabric. Made from 65% cotton, the material is light, breathable, and perfect for any weather. The elastic component provides you with the freedom to move around more than you would in a conventional pencil skirt of this length. With three different colors—white, black and striped—this skirt can be styled for many different occasions. The button and pocket detailing give it a nice finish that makes it the perfect staple to wear to the office. It also complements any casual shirt or sweater as an outfit to wear at lunch with a friend.

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Chiffon Floral Pleated 2-in-1 Skirt

  If you are going on a vacation and want to pack light, comfortable, and versatile pieces, this is the perfect multi-use skirt for you. This light and elegant chiffon skirt doubles as a dress to provide you with a variety of outfit potential. The delicate, airy chiffon fabric makes it ideal for warmer days when you would rather not feel compressed under a pencil skirt. It’s the perfect skirt or dress to wear for a night on the town or a special event. The skirt comes in six floral color schemes: pink, black, grey, turquoise, navy, and white.

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Tiered & Pleated Chiffon Skirt

  This pleated chiffon skirt is a light, everyday skirt that can be styled in many different ways. The ankle-length skirt provides protection from the fresh spring breeze while still offering a very light feel. Its loose style allows you to move freely and comfortably. With a nice top, this skirt can create an elevated look ready for a dinner date. However, it is also a nice staple to throw on with any casual top and looks great with oversized blouses layered over top. With three colors to choose from, this is the perfect skirt for an effortlessly classy look.

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Knee-high Lace Skirt

  With a sleek, sophisticated design, the knee-high lace skirt comes in nine gorgeous pastel colors to add to your spring wardrobe. The fitted design and lace detail make it a great addition to your birthday, baby shower, or wedding party outfit. Its elastic waistband allows for easy removal and comfortable wear. The skirt comes in two different lengths: knee and mid-calf length. Stock up on the many different colors and lengths of this skirt to mix and match with your favorite spring blouses.

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Big Pocket Skirt

  This skirt is a great casual staple with a modern twist. The elastic waistband and slit at the back make it easy to wear and remove, while the large side pockets add a stylish detail that can be showcased or exposed, depending on how you style it. With three versatile colors—black, grey, and yellow—consider this to be a staple for your everyday spring collection. The skirt looks great when paired with oversized boyfriend shirts or layered with sweaters for a business-casual look. Overall, this is a perfectly modern way to incorporate skirts into your everyday outfits.

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