As we make our way through the rainy days of April, it’s important to be ready for spring showers that may surprise us at any given moment. Japan’s rainy season, also known as Tsuyu (梅雨), or “plum rain” in English, is just around the corner, and with it arrives the season of fashionable umbrellas. As the plums on the trees ripen, we can see a variety of unique, stylish, and useful umbrellas on the streets of Japan. Here are some of our favorites.

Japanese Reversible Sakura Pattern Umbrella

  The Reversible Sakura is a creative and versatile women’s umbrella ideal for sunny as well as rainy weather. With UV protection, this umbrella can be used to protect from harsh sunny weather throughout the warmer months. Its sturdy 12-bone design provides ample protection from strong winds as well. The red and white sakura design on the outside can be reversed with the black and white hemp design on the inside. This 100% cotton umbrella imparts a classic design with its curved wooden handle, complete with black tassel adornment. Keep this sakura umbrella in your car for those rainy or sunny days—it will get you through at least half of the year’s weather!

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All-weather Umbrella With Elegant Heart Lining

  Aside from being super stylish and lightweight, this women's umbrella comes in handy for any weather, rain, or shine. The UV protection makes it an excellent choice for sunny days, and the elegant lining and heart detailing easily elevate any look. Don’t be fooled by its dainty look—a sturdy aluminum frame provides high resistance to wind and glass fiber ribs protect from even the heaviest rainfall. At about 1 meter in diameter, this umbrella provides all the coverage you will need. This stylish unit comes in navy, pink, and black and includes a handy cover for transport and storage.

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All-weather Umbrella for Businessmen

  This large all-weather umbrella is perfect for the businessman who needs a sleek, black design that matches his suit. With a 16-bone frame, this umbrella will keep you dry even during the heaviest showers of the season. The bone, made from glass fiber, is reliable protection from strong winds, ensuring that you and your suit stay dry all day long. The UVCUT provides protection from 90%+ UV rays during warmer days as well. A reflector lining provides a safety function for night-time use when coming home from those long evenings at the office. With a classy, subtle striped pattern, This is the perfect umbrella for your Monday to Friday office life!

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Unisex Umbrella

  With several colors to choose from, this lightweight, unisex umbrella is an ideal everyday item for anyone. This 60-65 cm umbrella has very useful anti-moisture properties, with a cap that is used to store the umbrella. The cap slides down the length of the umbrella and keeps it closed while you are not using it, making it easier to transport. This useful feature helps keep the umbrella compact and dry. In addition, glass fiber material gives this umbrella a solid structure to withstand strong winds. Enjoy this lightweight and compact umbrella in pink, lilac, navy, or black—perfect for those with an active lifestyle!

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