YamashoTouki co,.Ltd is a general wholesaler of Shigaraki ware with a history of 80 years. Shigaraki ware has been loved by people over the years because of the beauty of handmade and the simplicity of the clay art.

While inheriting this tradition, Shigaraki ware is made with great care, including playful elements that are required in the modern age. Its original brand "Hangout" was also born from the wish to enjoy cooking and eating more freely.

Please take a look at their products, which are filled with the charm of Shigaraki ware.

Hangout / 1-person pot

This is a grill pot for one person. If you live alone, this versatile grill pot is enough for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Not only can you enjoy one-pot meals with everyone, but also stewed dishes such as curry, pot-au-feu, and oden are cooked slowly so that the flavors soak in and the food does not get cold easily, so you can enjoy the hot deliciousness until the very end!

Hangout / Grill plate

The charm of this grill plate is that it can be used over an open flame as it is made of ceramic.

It is easy to go directly from the stove to the table, and the delicious dishes are also make everyone happy. It is recommended not only for outdoor use, but also as a vessel for entertaining like in a restaurant.

Hangout / Rice container

This Shigaraki-ware rice storage container is made with a simple design.

The unglazed part on the back of the lid adjusts the moisture content well, preventing excess moisture from sticking to the rice and keeping it tasty. Simply heating the rice in a microwave oven from the refrigerator or freezer will bring back the freshly cooked taste of the rice.


If you are looking for Shigaraki ware or simply designed pottery, there are many recommended products here.

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