SUPER DELIVERY's favorite annual stationery festival, BUNGU JOSHI HAKU, Japan Stationery Girl's Expo, was held from Nov 27th to Nov 29th this year! Of course, the venue and visitors have done adequate protection work. This time I also attended the media public day the day before the opening. As in previous years, even the media people bought some stationery items after the reporting had been over!



What is BUNGU JOSHI HAKU (文具女子博)?

Japan Stationery Girl's Expo is a stationery festival hosted by MDS Co.,Ltd., a vendor of SUPER DELIVERY, and the executive committee of Nippon Shuppan Hanbai.

Care about not only the notebook's appearance but also the writing taste.
Want to use my favorite writing utensils.
Cannot help collecting cute stationery items.
Decorate my notebook the way I want.
Want to talk directly with stationery manufacturers that I don't usually meet.
You can find your own fun at BUNGU JOSHI HAKU (文具女子博).

Based on the concept, you can enjoy meeting stationery that moves your heart. There are many items available only at BUNGU JOSHI HAKU called "BUNGU JOSHI HAKU edition(文具女子博限定)", and you can meet stationery manufacturers' playful items all at once.

There were 101 stationery manufacturers participating this time, and I also saw a lot of exhibitors who are selling their items at SUPER DELIVERY.

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Kamio Japan / ART PRINT JAPAN / ORIENTALBERRY INC / MARUAI / MARK's / Green Flash / himekuri / DAIGO Corporation / Nakabayashi / Pavillio / Seal do printing Inc. / WORLD CRAFT CO.,LTD. / BGM / PAPIER PLATZ / SAIEN / MIND WAVE / s&c corporation ltd / irodo / Shachihata / SANBI / Kodomonokao / CUBIX / M-PLAN CO.,LTD. / Tsubame Note / LIFE / SAKAE / Okina / Kyowa / Showa Note / CAMPO MARZIO / MATOKA / ANTERIQUE / Epoch Chemical / SAKURA CRAYPAS / TOMBOW pencil / PENTEL / Kuretake / KOKUYO / Sekisei / Yamato / Zenrin / +lab / Kamiterior / KING JIM / Gakken Sta:Ful / NB.CO.,LTB. / FRONTIA / ACTIVE CORPORATION / FURUKAWASHIKO

BUNGU JOSHI HAKU (文具女子博) in Photographs

The staff took pictures of Japan Stationery Girl's Expo. Please feel the atmosphere of the and venue.

BUNGU JOSHI HAKU (文具女子博) Award

Popularity Award

Every year, visitors can vote for their favorite stationery, and the most popular stationery award for girls will be announced on the final day.
What is this year's award-winning product?

It's Bobbin Series by KOKUYO. Supermultifunction tape is absolutely necessary for masking tape lovers.

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Excellence Award

It's Karappo Pen by KURETAKE, a popular Japanese stationery brand. Karappo means empty. Karappo pen is empty so you can put your favorite color ink in it, and match it freely!

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I hope that the epidemic will be over soon, so you can also come and visit BUNGU JOSHI HAKU (文具女子博) in person. Of course, you can find more various Japanese stationery items on SUPER DELIVERY too!

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