What started as an industrial product originating in the U.S. quickly became an artisanal staple of Japanese culture. In Western countries, masking tape is typically found in dull beiges and painter’s greens. Meanwhile, in a Japanese stationary store, you will find an array of colourful designs, textures, and sizes of masking tape. If you are interested in showcasing and learning about Japanese culture, masking tape is a must-have.

What is Masking Tape Made of?

  Japanese masking tape is a mildly-adhesive, thin tape that is easy to tear and apply mess-free. It is comprised of two layers: a thin, layered crepe paper base and an adhesive. This type of masking tape is also known as Washi tape, the name indicating that it may be made out of a specific Japanese paper called Washi.

  Washi paper is one of the most ancient paper-making techniques that dates to 610 CE, when it was brought from China by Buddhist monks. Washi is traditionally made with different types of plants, mainly kozo and mitsumata, however, rice paper is another common material used for making masking tape. These delicate types of paper are perfect for presenting the gorgeous designs that the tape is typically adorned with.

What is Masking Tape Used for?

  Japanese masking tape originated in Kurashiki, Okayama, where it was first conceptualized by the company, Kamoi Kakoshi. They created the original Japanese masking tape, also known as MT. It is one of the most popular masking tape brands that can be found today. Although the invention of masking tape was initially intended for covering car parts that were not to be painted, after being imported to Japan, its use evolved.

  Today, masking tape is used in Japan for decoration in stationery and crafts. Many people like to use it for wrapping presents, adding to letters, or just decorating notebooks, furniture or even walls. Since it is lightly adhesive, it can be removed from most surfaces without leaving a mark.

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Our 5 Recommended Masking Tapes

1. Simple design

  This simple washi tape style is ideal for special events, such as weddings or birthdays. Bring elegance and class to any celebration with the sleek, ribbon-like effect. The classy, minimalist design is perfect for adorning invitations and gift bags.

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2. Flower foil stamp

  Our floral tape selections are a unique way to add colour and life to any situation. These are a lovely way to refresh your home design during the spring and summer months or even use as a decoration for a Thank You card. With many different designs, you are sure to find the bouquet that speaks to you.

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3. Character Print

  Using character print washi tape can easily re-ignite our inner child. The animation is playful and perfect for decorating your children’s rooms and lunchboxes. Add a story to any scrapbook or notebook with this charming design. This is a must-have for animation lovers everywhere!

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4. Japanese Retro Pattern

  Funky Japanese patterns are a creative way to infuse your everyday life with a retro vibe. A set of three different designs provides a fun and colourful variety of patterns to decorate anything from storage boxes to weekly planners.

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5. Slim Pattern Design

  A slimmer washi design is ideal for finer uses, such as underlining or outlining sections in your notebook, calendar, or planner. These can also be used to create a sleek border around your binders or scrapbooks.

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In Conclusion

  Masking tape, or washi tape, is a perfect way to introduce your clients to the world of Japanese culture. The varying designs of masking tape are a wonderful display of Japanese aesthetic. With so many different styles and uses, your clients will be delighted to discover the many uses of washi tape.

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