A day Japanese girls can become leading role is the “Hinamatsuri” Doll Festival on 3th March.

Hinamatsuri is a festival to praying for the healthy growth of girls, and enjoying sake and sushi by decorating hina dolls and peach flowers.

There are its two stories of the origin. The one was performed as “game” by the nobilities’ children in Kyoto during the Heian period (794 – 1185). Another one has a habit “Throwing hina” that pours dolls made of paper into the river, and there is a background that dolls have become enshrined as “defensive chicks” of “disaster danger”.

This “Doll play” and “Seasonal festival” was connected, and since the Edo period (1603 – 1867), it has spread all over the area and became a traditional Japanese event as a doll festival.

Hina dolls

Traditional hina dolls are composed of five kinds dolls.

First shelf: Odairisama & Ohinasama
2nd: Sanninkanjo
3rd: Goninbayashi
4th: Sadaijin & Udaijin
5th: Jicho

However, in recent ordinary homes which can decorate all five shelves has decreased as a result of expense and changes in housing environment, therefore the case which decorate only the first shelf with Odairisama & Ohinasama has been increased.

There are also various designs and prices of the dolls according to hobbies and tastes, for example, the animal characters have appeared and been sold.

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How To Decorate

There is also a legend that daughter will go late for her marriage if you keep to put it for a long time over 3rd March.

There are two types of decoration: “Flat decoration” and “Shelf decoration”. The flat one decorate only Odairi-sama & Ohina-sama in the first shelf.

Regarding shelf decoration, it has the types such as three, five, seven shelves, and the more the number of the steps, the more the types of dolls and the space to decorate becomes necessary.

In the case of a decorative, decorate from the first shelf so that the lower doll does not get hurt even if the doll falls, so we would need to tidy from the lower row when tidying up.

Festival Event Meal

Chirashi Zushi


Many ingredients are used for cooking sushi, therefore it has been eaten at many homes as event food for the Hinamatsuri. Each ingredients have meaning like below.

1. Shrimp: Live long enough until benting with age
2. Lotus root: Good future prospect
3. Bean: Healthy, Working faithfully, Live faithfully

Clamshell Clear Soup

Clamshells were used as playing tools like the current card games. On the other hand, the shellfish is perfectly aligned with the two shells, and it is considered as the sign of good luck food because it represents a good couple.

Hina Arare

It is a kind of food that shook sugar on rice cakes. Once upon a time, there is a custom like picnic which go out with a doll, at the time, the sweets that were carried with is Hina arare. It has a meaning that girls can be healthy throughout a year.


It is s rice cake that was made into a rhombus shape by superimposing three colors of green, white, and pink. Each color has its own meaning, green one is said to represent longevity, health, grassy earth. White one is clean, pure white snow. Pink one is said to express amulet, peach blossom.

In addition, Hinamatsuri on March 3rd is said to be a celebrating day which the arrival of spring. These three colors also express “The close spring season, green grass begins to breathe under the snow, peach’s ground to the remaining ground of snow melting The flower buds”.

Why do not you pray for the growth of cute girls together?

The Hina Matsuri is a traditional Japanese event, and is held everywhere in Japan. There are also songs related to the Hinamatsuri, and it is also one of the songs that many people can sing even if they become adults.

Why do not you pray for the healthy growth of cute girls with the traditional Japanese doll ‘Hina dolls’?

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