As the situation of not being able to go abroad directly continues, more and more people have ordered from the U.S. through SUPER DELIVERY. Today, I'd like to introduce some tips for those who are new to use SUPER DELIVERY from the U.S. and those who are not used to buy wholesale from Japan with FedEx.

Before Order

If you order through SUPER DELIVERY, our staffs support the export work from Japan, but the buyer in the U.S. has to do the import work directly after the product arrives in the United States. To make the import process easier, there are a few things you need to know before ordering.

1. A custom broker is needed if the shipment value exceeds $800 USD.

The first thing to consider is Customs Clearance also known as Customs release. It's pretty straightforward for the most part, but some products may require you to submit documents. Before placing an order, you need to know that a customs broker might be needed depending on the value of the shipment to clear customs.

If the shipment value is under $800 USD, the goods are allowed to enter into the U.S. under an informal entry by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). However, if there are some goods including what is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or other restricted goods, these goods require formal entry and are not eligible for this exemption.

If a formal entry is required, you need to hire a customs broker and prepare documentation with the customs broker before shipping. Usually, documentation is proceeded by SUPER DELIVERY prior to the goods being delivered to the carrier for export from Japan. However, it might be required to submit additional documents for import to the USA to certify the product safety and the customs broker will help it.

There are two ways to find a customs broker.

1) The NCBFAA's list of brokers

You can find a list on the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America(NCBFAA)'s website. It provides contact information of all members of the nation's Freight Forwarders, Customs Brokers, Ocean Transportation Intermediaries, and Air Cargo Agents. You can search for customs brokers based on the location.

2) A online search

Another way to find a customs broker is a search engine. You can find information based on the location, and also can get the review of customs brokers.

2. Check the product if it is available to import.

As mentioned above, some goods may be charged customs duties, consumption tax, and value-added tax at the time of customs clearance in the United States. Sometimes, restricted goods may be confiscated or returned if is not available to clear custom. In this case, the importer is responsible for all costs. To prevent destroying or returning, it is necessary to check the products if it is available to import into the USA

You can check the list of prohibited and restricted items on CBP's website.

Regarding documentation, we have mostly heard what that our customers usually prepare is TSCA, Lacey Act Form, and EPA.
※The above documents are the most frequently required documents. You may be asked to submit a document other than the one above.

1) TSCA(Toxic Substance Control Act)

The following items require a signed TSCA Statement at any value (statement must either be positive or negative):
• Waxes, soaps and detergents; chemicals; fuel; oil
• Ink, toner, paint, dyes, ink pens (containing ink)
• Raw materials, resins, surfactants

This document is mostly required for ink or ink pens. You can check the instructions for TSCA certification provided by FedEx here.

2) Lacey Act Declaration

This document is required when you order wood products or products containing wood as a material and submitted to the United States Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

This form can be completed and submitted online. There is more detailed information on Forest Legality Initiative's website.

3) EPA(Environmental Protection Agency)

The following require a signed pre-filed EPA 3540-1 Form and Power of Attorney from the importer for import at any value:
• Flea medication for pets, i.e., Top Spot, Frontline, Advantage
• Herbicides/Rodenticides
• Insecticides/Pesticides

If you order pesticide products, this form is required. you can get more detailed information from EPA's website.

After Order

After place an order from SUPER DELIVERY, there are also a few things to do.

1. Keep tracking your shipment and response the carrier.

Keeping check your shipment status is very important. After the goods arrive in the U.S., FedEx will store them for 10 days. Usually, FedEx contacts you before or after customs clearance, and if they can't reach you, they will contact us the day before destruction or return. As mentioned above, all costs incurred will be charged to the importer, so, please check frequently the status of your order.

2. Contact the vendor when required additional information on products.

When you don't hire a customs broker and CBP requires you to submit the document, you need the information of goods to fill the form. Most information is on the product page, but sometimes you cannot find the detailed information on it. All products are managed by the vendor directly, so contact the vendor to get detailed information. To contact any vendor directly, please contact them from the product page. There is a button of 'Inquire of the vendor' on the product page.

3. Pay Import Duty Fees & Taxes.

To clear customs, you need to pay duty rates to CBP. A duty fee is charged under the classification of the products. If you have a customs broker, they have the authority to pay the duty fees on your behalf and charge you the fee. If you don't have a customs broker, FedEx will directly contact you to pay the duty fees and taxes.


If you learn about import into the States and prepare a few things before order and after order well, the import process would be simple. Hope you can find special and unique products on SUPER DELIVERY to import into the USA!



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