Did you finish the sign-up? Then, it's time to go shopping! However, there are so many products in SUPER DELIVERY, so sometimes it is hard to find what you want easily. For those of you who are having trouble finding the proper product, I've prepared some tips for finding THE ONE!

※If you are still not signed up, please check the previous articles.
[SUPER DELIVERY GUIDE ②] How To Sign Up for SUPER DELIVERY (version 2020)

1. In case you have already what you are looking for

If you are looking for specific products and some information about it, you can directly search in the search bar. Please input the information such as JAN code, brand name, product name, or other keywords in English. Sometimes, the English keyword is not accurate. In this case, JAN code would be more helpful!

If you would like to set more details, you can use +Advanced.
By using +Advanced tool, you can set category, Keyword that must include or exclude, and also there is "Deep Refiner"; In stock, Available as a single item, and Reprint of images is approved.

1) In stock: the result shows the items in stock only.
2) Available as a single item: the result shows the items of that minimum order quantity is one.
3) Reprint of the image: the result shows items that are able to use its image(photo) posted in SUPER DELIVERY.

2. In case you need to find new or popular items

1) Check Top Selling Items

To get popular items, we need to get the latest top-selling items. SUPER DELIVERY's ranking is updated very frequently based on the data, so you can trust our top-selling ranking.
You can find the banner of "Top Selling Items" on the top screen before sign-in,

(Actually, the top screen before and after sign-in(log-in) are quite different. After sign-up, the banner of Top Selling Items are changed into "Discount".)

▲The screen before sign-in(log-in)

▲The screen before sign-out(log-out)

or the box named "Top selling Items" in the middle of the screen.

Go to Top Selling Items

2) Check New Arrivals

There are tons of new products registered every day. How about checking the new arrivals? On the top screen, there is the banner of "New Arrivals".

If you click the banner, the new products are listed in order by the lastest.

Also, there is a menu of "New Arrivals" under the search bar.

If you click it, the result shows the vendors that have updated new products, so you can check the updated items grouped by the vendor.

※This screen is that you will see before sign-in(log-in). After sign-in(log-in), you will see the wholesale price.

Go to New Arrivals

3) Check Categories

If you need to find a specific category item, go to the category page and arrange the products by popularity, new items.

Or you can view by the vendor sorted by popularity, new items, or new venders.

3. In case you need recommended items

Did you know that the main banner on the top screen is updated at 10 am every Tuesday (GMT+9)? How about our recommended items every Tuesday? We have two kinds of banners; one is for MD's Pick and another is for Featured Collection.

1) MD's Pick

MD's Pick is an event that is a discount event with some recommended items picked by our staff. Discount rate and details are different every time, so you need to check the event banner and page well. The banner of MD's Pick appears for two weeks; the first week is for giving notice, and the second week is for the event period.
Stay tuned for MD's Pick! One day, your favorite vendor or brand would be on MD's Pick, then you will get a chance to get discounted.

Go to MD's Pick

2) Featured Collection

Featured Collection is a collection with a special theme selected by our staff. It is usually categorized by a keyword or category that we would like to introduce.


If you use the searching tool and sorting tool well, the result would be more clear. Also, don't forget to check our special discount event, MD's Pick!



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