In this article, I would like to talk about how SUPER DELIVERY is working and how we feel about facing our international customers.

  SUPER DELIVERY is a wholesale marketplace that allows business entities to purchase products from Japanese companies easily. Now, more than 1,500 reliable Japanese suppliers are selling more than 740,000 various category items on SUPER DELIVERY, and more than 78,000 Buyers from all over the world have purchased our products.

  The company that operates SUPER DELIVERY is RACCOON COMMERCE, Inc., and RACCOON COMMERCE, Inc. is the leading business company of RACCOON HOLDINGS, Inc., which is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

  SUPER DELIVERY started its journey in 2002 with B2B E-commerce for the Japanese domestic market. Then, in 2015, SUPER DELIVERY International was launched for overseas customers and is currently being used by many overseas customers.

Who is selling products on SUPER DELIVERY?

  Only companies that have their company located in Japan are eligible to become a supplier on SUPER DELIVERY. Most of them are Japanese companies, but even companies headquartered overseas can participate in SUPER DELIVERY if they have an office in Japan.

  When exhibiting, SUPER DELIVERY conducts a screening process to ensure that the company is trustworthy and the products it handles are legitimate. Only companies that pass the screening process are allowed to exhibit.

Who can purchase products on SUPER DELIVERY?

  The most straightforward answer is,
"If you are a business entity, you are qualified to purchase products on SUPER DELIVERY."

  Whether you are a retailer, a restaurant, or a beauty salon, you can use SUPER DELIVERY as long as you are a business entity, not an individual consumer. Nowadays, many non-retailers use SUPER DELIVERY to stock up on tableware for their restaurants or buy items to decorate and display in their stores.

  The best thing about SUPER DELIVERY is that no matter the purpose of your purchase, you can purchase all the products at wholesale prices.

What kind of products can you purchase?

  The product categories are roughly divided into Fashion, Furniture & Interior, Daily Necessities, Electronics, Shop Materials, and Books. There are also many smaller categories within these categories, and more and more products are being added every day.

  The store offers a wide variety of products from traditional Japanese crafts to the latest fashions, detailed interior design, stationery, and cute stuffed animals. Some of the most famous brands in the world, while others are still unnoticed by the rest of the world, offer a wide variety of Japanese products to meet your needs.

How does SUPER Delivery work?

  To purchase products from SUPER DELIVERY, you must first register as a member for free. For more information on how to become a member, please read this article.

  Once you have registered, you will be able to see the wholesale prices of all products. You can then add the products you want to your cart and pay for them as you would in a typical e-commerce store. After you complete the payment, each supplier will deliver the products to the SUPER DELIVERY warehouse. Then, the products will be inspected and will be shipped to each buyer. SUPER DELIVERY will deliver the products door-to-door to the address registered at the time of membership registration, so there is no need to worry about the transportation method within your own country.

  In addition, SUPER DELIVERY has a customer service department that can handle Japanese, English, and Chinese, so you don't have to stress about communication as you can contact them with all your questions.


  SUPER DELIVERY has many new international business entities becoming members and purchasing products from us every day. Our goal is "To be the best supplier for all entities," and we are working hard to make you happier every day.

  If you are at all interested in SUPER DELIVERY, we would like to say to you,
Welcome to SUPER DELIVERY, please enjoy your shopping.


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